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Blueprint is Blueground’s editorial platform for all topics relating to moving and relocating, born from the belief that fresh starts should be big on excitement and short on stress.

Moving can be a tedious time and packing up to move requires lots of planning. Knowing this, we break down the practical points of moving so that our readers feel prepared for the road ahead. We want our articles to inspire and remind readers of the excitement of starting fresh in a new city or apartment. Here, we play the part of the “friend of a friend” who’s already made the move before and wants to let you in on what we learned.

We’re helping locals and recent arrivals find their new home with our expert contributors and Blueground’s global experience in real estate.

Blueground offers thoughtfully curated and beautifully furnished apartments for stays ranging from 30 days to a year or longer.

We’re harnessing Blueground’s expertise

Blueground is transforming the experience of big city living worldwide.

The furnished apartment provider was founded in April 2013, in Athens, Greece inspired by one of the co-founders' experiences as a business consultant and traveler. Alex spent almost five years in different hotels around the world, for long stretches of time. He found that hotels were not a comfortable choice for getting to know a city. Blueground has reimagined how to settle into a new city by offering cost-efficient and stylish homes, helped along by a dedicated support team throughout your stay.

Finding accommodation for stays of a month or longer can be tedious. It usually involves navigating between poor-quality apartments or dealing with agents and landlords who are not always professional. Alternatively, hotels are expensive and not a suitable choice for long-term stays. Blueground guarantees top quality ready-to-move-in apartments at a reasonable price.

Interested in contributing to Blueprint?

We’re looking to partner with local writers who have a knack for bringing new residents to their city into the fold. If you would like to contribute to Blueprint, first have a read through our articles to better understand our voice and readers.

Next, write to us at blueprint@theblueground.com along with why you believe you’re the best fit, three original article suggestions, and your writing portfolio.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The views and opinions expressed on Blueprint are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Blueground.

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