Are you a neat freak? Or perhaps you take a more casual approach to tidiness. Either way, no one actually enjoys living in a dirty place. The last thing you want to do is settle for an expensive home or apartment, just so it can be filled with dust, dirty plates and piles of laundry. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. However, in case you want to handle the cleaning yourself, use this helpful list to make sure you’ve covered everything.


Return objects to their rightful place

We’ve all experienced that moment where we notice something was put somewhere that it doesn’t belong. Whether it is a pen in your bathroom or a fork on your living room table, make sure you are always returning things to their spots.

Carrying something to another room only takes a few seconds and by doing this every time you spot something out of place, you can help avoid clutter and items piling up where they don’t belong.


One-minute rule

This is an incredibly helpful apartment rule. It only requires a little bit of work now, in order to prevent a lot of work later. Essentially, the rule states that any cleaning task that takes less than a full minute to accomplish should be done as soon as it is thought of.

This would include things like taking out the garbage, loading/starting the dishwasher, watering the plants, putting the dirty laundry into the laundry basket, and many other small household tasks. Instead of dedicating an entire hour to deep cleaning the house, you can make it tidy within only a few minutes.


Keep your surfaces clear

It can be incredibly tempting to keep cool collectibles and decorative items on your dressers, counters, and window sills. But if you are aiming for a clean and tidy apartment, then it is best to avoid this urge.

A large wooden dresser with six drawers sits in a room, in front of a large white wall. On top of the drawers are three vases, two white and on black. In the two white ones there are leafy green plants growing. To the right of the drawers is a tall plant with large, green leaves sitting in a blue pot.

When you leave items (for example, lamps, pens, coins, and decorative statues) on your surfaces, it makes them look busy and overcrowded. Not only does it create unnecessary clutter, but it also makes it much harder to clean the area. When you have numerous items crowding your surfaces, the dust settles in numerous places. Suddenly, wiping everything clean becomes ten times harder.

It is always best to limit the number of things that are kept on your surfaces. Go more minimal to make your countertops look nicer and cleaning much easier.


Use fewer dishes

A very common indicator of a dirty house are dishes in the sink. While eating at home is a healthy habit, there are certain steps you can take to reduce the number of dishes used on a regular basis. This will significantly cut down on how much of your home is being taken up by piles of dirty dishes waiting to be washed. It will also help you to not feel overwhelmed every time you walk into the kitchen — whether it’s one you share with others, or your very own.

A woman's hand is extended out holding a fork and rinsing it off under the sink faucet. The sink faucet is switched on, the water is running and it runs on the tongs of the fork over a large, deep white sink. A bit of the vibrant tile back splash is visible behind the sink.

Those who order food once or twice a week, aren’t completely free of the “dirty dishes” trap. Delivery is incredibly convenient for those days when you get home too exhausted to even get off the couch. Just be careful that the amount of plastic waste you are producing doesn’t get out of control. For instance, you can use your metal silverware, and then instead of using plate, keep the food in the container it arrived in. Properly rinse out your delivery packaging and ideally take out the garbage the next morning to discourage pests.


Get a shoe rack

There is nothing worse than having a pile of shoes strewn across the entrance of your home. But having them scattered randomly on the floor or piled awkwardly on top of each other in the closet are not the only choices that you have. Instead, go out and buy a shoe rack to help solve your footwear organization dilemma. This might do much more for your home than the big bulky piece of furniture you recently bought!

A small white shoe rack with two shelves full of shoes sits against a bright yellow wall under a framed window. To the left of the shoe rack is a large, leafy green plant.

With a shoe rack, you can neatly stack the shoes in a way that utilizes the space as efficiently as possible while also allowing you to easily grab a pair when you need it. Then once you get home, simply take off the shoes and put them back onto the rack. Just like that, and you will never have to worry about a pile of disorganized shoes crowding your floor ever again. Give your guests the impression of a tidy home from the moment they step in the door.


Booking weekly apartment cleaning

Some renters and homeowners opt to hire outside help. Whether it’s the sheer square footage to conquer or the lack of time in your weekly schedule, sometimes the time-cost trade-off is worthy of hiring help.

When you rent an apartment with Blueground, it comes fully-furnished and completely equipped with everything you’ll need for a seamless stay. Your tidy apartment comes ready, fresh out of deep clean. Furthermore, every tenant will have access to the Blueground Guest App. Through your smartphone, you have the opportunity to request cleaning and maintenance services, as well as chat with a Client Experience representative. If you’re lost as to how tidy a messy house, a weekly scheduled clean by the Blueground team can keep things in order.

Learn more here about Blueground’s cleaning service.

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