The bohemian lifestyle is driven by an eclectic and carefree attitude. There is perhaps no person more eclectic and carefree than those who reside in San Francisco. Having a functional design to your apartment property is important, but if it sacrifices the unique appeal that bohemian decor provides, then it is likely going to be off-putting to most people interested in the San Francisco lifestyle.

That is why you need to know how to best achieve the bohemian look for your San Francisco rental unit. Luckily, finding the space to turn into your bohemian dream apartment is now easier than ever thanks to Blueground. They provide you with a selection of fully furnished and stylishly decorated places. This way you can move to San Francisco without the traditional hassle of moving.


What is “bohemian decor”?

To understand how to achieve a certain visual style, you first must know what that style represents. In the case of bohemian decor, it is all about displaying a wild mixture of culture and influences from all over the world and having them come together in the same space. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.This choice of decoration is common among people who tend to live alternative lifestyles. For example, those who constantly travel or have free-flowing professions like musicians, writers, and artists.


Achieving a bohemian color scheme

While having strict rules flies directly in the face of what bohemian is all about, there are some very basic guidelines when it comes to the color schemes that are used when achieving bohemian decor. Some of the most commonly used colorings involve metallic tones, jewel tones, and earthy tones.

a bedroom from an apartment in San Francisco

Darker colors are generally used as bases and then the vibrant shades are used to add texture to the room. Dark browns, greys, and greens are what starts it off. From there, the rules kind of get thrown out the window.

One thing that you should not be afraid to do is to mix them together with other colors. Even if they are typically seen as clashing with one another. For example, do not be afraid to put oranges right up beside pinks. This is exactly what the bohemian style is trying to achieve. It is what is seen as organized chaos. Including styles from vibrant countries such as Cambodia and Morocco is a method that is frequently used to achieve the bohemian style.

Adjusting your lighting techniques

One of the big parts of looking bohemian is what lighting techniques you choose to follow for your San Francisco rental unit. Instead of using the traditional overhead lighting, try to rely more on lamps, candles, and other secondary lighting sources. Include a wide variety of the style and shapes of your lamps and lanterns. Scatter them around each room with some resting on the furniture and others sitting on the floor.

You will also want to make sure that you are spending time adjusting your window coverings. Using sleek and fancy window coverings, such as blackout blinds, might help to achieve a good night’s sleep, but it does not match the bohemian look.

Instead, swap out those traditional curtains and blinds for something a little more out there. Bamboo roll-up shades, hand-sewn curtains with competing patterns, and strings of beads are some of the best ways to keep your windows covered while also achieving that bohemian style.

blueground apartment in san francisco with bohemiam decor

Getting the right furniture

Almost every type of traditional furniture is not used as part of the bohemian look. You will not find anything you are looking for in the big chain furniture stores. Instead, you will have to make some visits to flea markets, second-hand stores, and vintage furniture shops. Old wooden furniture pieces that have a bit of wear and tear to them are some of the best choices to fill your bohemian apartment with.

When it comes to seating, you should focus on getting items that are oversized and have vibrant colors. Things like large plush chairs, extra-large bean bags, and oddly shaped couches are the perfect additions to a bohemian property. You should also think about putting vibrant pillows on and around the furniture. The more there are, the better it looks.

If you do not already have carpeted floors, then you should strongly consider putting down a couple of brightly colored throw rugs. These fuzzy additions not only help to muffle sound but also give the room a 70s vibe that perfectly represents the bohemian style.

Choosing your art and accessories


This is the area that can really make or break a bohemian style property. You want the art and accessories that fill the place to be totally unique and tell a story. The best way to find this type of decoration is to go to local art markets and find some of the most vibrant and visually interesting artwork that you can. Then scatter it all throughout your property to really achieve that bohemian feel.

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