Your daily walks might be your dog’s favorite part of the day. It’s a time for your pooch to get out and explore the neighborhood, meet new friends, and even bond with you. Plus, it goes without saying that walking your dog is important for its physical health, too. Dogs require the exercise and it helps them burn off excess energy so they don’t go stir-crazy in those cramped city apartments.

Living in a city likely means that you will be working down to the bone, keeping you extremely busy. It might also mean that you and your pet will have to live in a small apartment. Rent can get pretty expensive after all. But there are certain perks of living that metropolitan life. You can find an abundance of outstanding pet care services in most major U.S. cities. Some travel to your home to provide pet sitting, dog walking, and pet taxi services. Others have their own establishments where your dog can spend the day while you’re out at work. With all of the options available, you can be confident that your pet will be well taken care of with a customized plan that fits their specific needs.

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If you are even to consider moving with your pet into a big city, first you’ll have to face the challenge of finding a pet-friendly apartment. Some cities have more lenient laws than others but it is generally a tough task. Especially with all the restrictions in place. But fortunately, there are dog walking services across the U.S. that can help you.

Blueground is one of them. They rent out fully furnished and beautifully decorated apartments, many of which are pet-friendly. So not only do you save time in hunting for an apartment. But also you get to enjoy a hassle-free moving experience with a seamless online booking process.


Best Dog Walking Services in NYC

Dog walking NYC and an English bulldog skateboarding in Dumbo Brooklyn

NYC is home to anything you can imagine, and that, of course, includes all kinds of dog walking services. From Eco Dog NYC that supplies purely eco-friendly products to Green Apple Dog that caters mostly to puppies, there is a range to select from. You can forget about your dog getting lonely because it is guaranteed that you will find a service that fits its exact needs.


Best Dog Walking Services in San Francisco

Dog walking San Francisco and a Collie on a beach near Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is a working hub, which leaves pet owners with very little time to actually take care of their pets. That is why the City by the Bay is filled with all kinds of professional dog walking services. Each has its own refreshing approach to dog care so you can be sure to find one that suits you and your pup’s preferences. If Fido enjoys walking with other dogs consider Blue Dog. Or if he or she needs basic technician services, look into Doggie Walks.


Best Dog Walking Services in Chicago

Dog walking Chicago and brown Labrador Retriever leaning out of a window

Chicago boasts several high-quality dog walking services that commit their time and special care to your pet, with consistency and attention for all. If you’re planning on traveling and need to leave your pet in good hands, ring up Fancy paws. Or if you’re simply looking for someone to walk your pup whilst you’re at work, check out Chicago Pet Sitters.

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