The benefits of apartment plants are twofold. They can process air pollutants while bringing some natural beauty into your interiors. Best of all, for those of us that are busy, there are many varieties of easy-to-care-for apartment plants to bring a touch of nature and tranquility into your home. As well as plants, you can also introduce more peace and harmony into your apartment with a calming color scheme.

Plant care essentials

Do you intend to inject some green into a space gone to waste but you don’t know how to correctly care for plants? It can be a little soul-destroying to see a plant dry out and die. Common reasons plant care goes wrong are lack of light, low humidity and watering the wrong way. Often, all that’s needed is a bit more know-how on what environment works best per plant. As well as picking plants that you can easily upkeep within your day-day schedule.

The solution is to match plants to your home environment. For instance, humidity-loving plants can find the perfect indoor climate to thrive in bathrooms. While leafy houseplants that can survive without direct sunlight work well in darker rooms. There are many easy to care for apartment plants that can be nurtured with minimal materials. With a watering can, a trusty squirt bottle to mist, and a cloth rag to keep dust at bay, you can’t go wrong.

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Apartment Plants

Here is our selection of house plants that can be maintained with minimal effort, along with which plants will flourish in the different parts of your apartment.

Low light

There are many low-light-loving apartment plants that can grow in moderate light with minimal upkeep. The asparagus fern, for example, is feathery foliage that can sit in bright or low light. However, it’s better to not to place this plant in direct sunlight as it can cause discoloration.

apartment plants Small apartment plant

A weeping fig plant has distinctly pointed leaves and long arching branches. Indoors, these plants can grow in indirect light. For shadier spots inside you could try a Fittonia plant that flourishes in dappled light. They are known for their unusual leaves that have a beautiful painterly effect.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are one of the hottest apartment plant trends at the moment. There’s an array of stylish indoor hanging planters available, from retro macrame to more delicate geometric designs. The next natural step is to pick an appropriate plant.

The baby’s tears variety of plants are ideal for indoor hanging planters. Their fast-growing delicate leaves make elegant overspilling vines. The long stems of the Burro’s Tail also look great when elevated in a hanging planter. Both plants flourish in the often dry and warm air found in ceiling areas. Another option is the creeping vines of English Ivy plants. They are a perfect match for a trailing hanging planter, with leaves in a variety of shades from lush greens to yellow and darker purples.

Succulent plants

Succulent plants are the forgetful gardener’s best friend. Why? They don’t need a lot of watering and are adaptable to different light. Succulents offer individual types of plants and come in a variety of colors and textures.

apartment plants small aloe vera plant

Known for healing properties, the Aloe Vera plant requires minimal upkeep and is best positioned in direct sunlight. Ponytail palms are similarly low maintenance, requiring minimal watering. They also have an unusual soft feathery appearance. Another succulent with an interesting texture is the snake plant. As the name suggests, snake plants have patterned leaves similar to snakeskin. They don’t need regular watering and have a ‘thick skin’ which can survive any indoor conditions.

Best for bathrooms

The fluctuating temperature in bathrooms can make the perfect environment for certain plants, that are also rather pretty too. Peace lilies will certainly appreciate the humid environment in the bathroom. These graceful plants require minimal care, and limited light to blossom. Orchids also bring a tropical feel into the bathroom while being suited to the humid environment at the same time. They are known to bloom for weeks, making for a more economical apartment plant.

apartment plants orchids in a bathroom

For a calming interior statement, look no further than bamboo. Bunches of bamboo look great in a glass vase. Additionally, bamboo branches are a durable type of natural greenery that can survive through all seasonal conditions indoors.

The accessory plant

Cacti are the popular picture-perfect interior addition for anywhere in your apartment, from a home office space to a bedside table. These cute plants with colorful flowers are the accessory plant du jour for urban apartments.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

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