When you can’t face cooking, you can order delivery food in Chicago in no time from the city’s best restaurants. In the era of GrubHub, DoorDash, Caviar, et al. you can dine in with almost any cuisine. It’s a great tactic for tucking into a tasty meal to get you through those first few nights in a new apartment, too. Or stuffing yourself without stopping your Netflix binge. Bookmark these places for ordering in for food you’ll love from our selection of the best international delivery food.



Deep dish pizza, Chicago style, is somewhat of a rite of passage when you live in the city. Whether your eating alone or sharing with others, Bartoli’s Chicago-style pizzas are perfect for any takeaway occasion. As well as the famous ‘deep dish’, they offer a ‘party-cut’ thin crust pizza on their menu.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. Pick from flavourful toppings, like ‘The Union Stockyard’ with Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, prosciutto, and Italian beef. Or tuck into their specialty, the ‘Deep Dish Spinach, and Cheese’. Layers of creamy mozzarella are topped with Bartoli’s homemade sauce. In addition, you can add your own toppings such as garlic cloves, banana peppers, gorgonzola and more.



Take away ramen soup and sushi plate next to a laptop

When mouthwatering ramen is on your mind, look no further than the fresh and spicy dishes delivered from Furious Spoon. Offering a perfect balance of flavor and heat, ramen bowls are full of perfectly cooked noodles and seasoned broths. Try the ‘Mother Clucker’, with sea-salt broth, honey-ginger chicken and Thai basil. Or the signature ‘Furious’ – it’s got the whole shebang. From steamed chicken and pork dumplings to spicy miso pork broth topped with a poached egg and fiery homemade sauce. Beyond the bowls, feast on spicy marinated cucumbers or hand-rolled spring rolls. It’s worth visiting in-person to experience this hidden gem where ‘ramen meets hip hop’. Customers rave about the beats soundtracking dinner. Wash a bowl of ramen down with some beer, sake, or one of their quirky cocktails.


Ice cream

An assortment of ice cream comes delivered to your door by the pint when you dine in from Jeni’s. The menu is a haven for dietary requirements with dairy-free offerings that don’t disappoint in the flavor department. The ‘Cold Brew with Coconut’, ‘Frosé Sorbet’, and ‘Dark Chocolate Truffle’ are out of this world. Other great things to add to an order are the salted caramel or vegan hot fudge sauces. Grab the ‘Street Treats Party Pack Collection’ for a cool alternative to a birthday cake. With 36 cups in your choice of up to three flavors, there’s plenty to pass round the party.



Looking for food delivery in Chicago that will provide a hearty meal on the cheap? Cozy in during the cooler season with some well-seasoned modern Indian cuisine. The menu at Mild 2 Spicy features a dozen different types of dosas, a type of South Indian crepe. They’re filled with ingredients to suit every taste bud, from spinach and cheese to spicy chutney. The Indian cuisine classics with authentic flavors are done right here, too. Try saucy curries or clay oven cooked tandoori chicken and naan.



Box of donuts with colourful icing

Do Rite Donuts is an artisan donut shop, with a sideline in savory delights. Freshly made from scratch daily, their donut selection includes gluten-free and vegan offerings. Favorite flavors include the ‘Cinnamon Crunch Raised’, ‘Michigan Apple Fritter’, and ‘Blueberry Crumb’, yum! Luckily, new creative combos are always popping up on the menu to try. Bite-sized savory treats come in the form of delicious fried chicken sandwiches. Quality rules here, with hormone-free and never frozen fresh chickens. The sandwiches come with condiments like pickle, mayo, and BBQ sauce. 



Feted as ‘America’s Most Popular Greek Restaurant’, Greek Islands brings the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean to your table. This starts with the ingredients, selected and shipped from Greece. The highest quality extra virgin olive oil, superior wines, cheeses, herbs, and seafood allow you to eat as the Greeks do. Appetizers are essential for eating ‘Greek-style” to awaken the appetite. Plates like grilled calamari and taramasalata are made for sharing. Move onto some traditional favorites for the main course, such as moussaka, keftedes (meatballs), or homemade gyros. Place an order for delivery or pick-up from the restaurants in the Greektown neighborhood or suburban Lombard area.


Latin American

Specializing in smaller bites that pack a flavorful punch, Mi Tocaya’s take-out and delivery menu will have you salivating. Choose from family-size taco meals like carne asada served with grilled spring onions, chorizo black beans, queso fresco-stuffed peppers and, of course, homemade tortillas. Vegetarian options include tacos rojos pan-fried in a dried chili red sauce and a Nopalito cactus salad. This savory goodness makes great comfort food for any day with a Coca Mex or Horchata.



Asian food aficionados will love this Zagat-rated and foodie-faved restaurant. The boxed Japanese eats are made-from-scratch with add on entrees like pork and cabbage egg rolls. Hand-pounded curries offer a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. Try the shrimp and pineapple yellow curry or red chili chicken Singapore noodles. Scoop up the sauce with Thia basil garlic bread to savor all the ingredients sourced from local farmers. Place an order online from Bento Box or pick-up in person at their casual dining spot in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

It’s not all about food delivery in Chicago, there are plenty of places to try if you love dining out. If you opt to stay at a Blueground rental, you’ll be living Chicago’s best neighborhoods with easy access to eating out. Sometimes, nothing can beat a home cooked meal. With Blueground’s fully furnished and completely equipped kitchens, all your eating options are covered.

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