Whether you’re moving, giving your apartment a fresh new look, cleaning or downsizing, you’re bound to have a pile of things that you need to get rid of, but don’t exactly know how to. While you might ask yourself, why donate when I can sell my old goods, the process of selling old furniture can be a hassle and very time-consuming. Luckily, you always have the option to donate to those in need, and there are so many benefits for both you and the environment.


Why Donate Furniture?

You can get a little money for your contribution. As long as you keep the receipt, you can claim your furniture donation pickup or drop off on your tax return. Donating also avoids the risk of any fines associated with leaving your unwanted furniture on the sidewalk. As for the environment, Americans add millions of tons of furniture to landfills. Since donating your furniture is a form of recycling, you can put a stop to this major problem. You’re also helping someone decorate their home and helping those under financial strain avoid having to spend extra money.

It really is the simplest solution. All you have to do is select what you want to donate, make sure it’s in decent condition, choose an organization, schedule a pickup, and your furniture is good to go. This being said, it is important to note that furniture donation charities only accept items that are in good condition. Also, some organizations also have rules and restrictions on the type of furniture they’ll accept. So be sure to double check your organization’s donation requirements.

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If you don’t want to deal with furniture at all, then Blueground is a great alternative for you. The company rents fully furnished and beautifully decorated apartments for at least one month. All apartments are ideally located in their respective cities and offer you the solution of a hassle-free move. With Blueground all you need to do is simply show up and start living.


Best Furniture Donation Charities in NYC

Furniture donation NYC and two movers carrying a chair with boxes in the background

One of the most well-known furniture donation charities in NYC is The Salvation Army. This organization makes donating simple and easy, but be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time since it gets pretty busy. In a city where apartments are quite small, New Yorkers are always looking to get rid of old bulky stuff.


Best Furniture Donation Charities in L.A.

a room with a lot of stuff around preparing for a furniture donation

Sometimes you just need to say “goodbye” to your old furniture. From outdated college couches to hand-me-down decor, not all furnishings are meant to stay with you forever. Fortunately, there are a number of nonprofit charities that will gladly take furniture donations in Los Angeles. Some of these even offer free furniture pickup. Take a look at the top furniture donation charities in L.A.


Best Furniture Donation Charities in San Francisco

furniture donation in San Francisco various pieces of furniture for sale

Moving from any state to San Francisco, where rent is sky high, will probably mean downsizing and getting rid of old, bulky furniture. Fortunately, there are several top furniture donation charities in San Francisco, from the Bay Area to SoMa, making de-cluttering an easy experience for you.


Best Furniture Donation Charities in Boston

red chair street

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded moving season. Time to pack up everything you own and hope it all fits into your new home just off Newbury Street. Usually, around this time you can find a lot of furniture laying out on the curbside creating an unpleasant clutter. But if you would rather donate your stuff, here are the top furniture donation charities in Boston.


Best Furniture Donation Charities in D.C.

Furniture donation DC and two movers carrying a couch to a van

Sometimes, the easiest way to deal with moving furniture to a new place is to not move it at all. It’s always a delightful feeling to buy new things for a brand new home, and sometimes it even ends up costing more to have the long distance movers deal with them than to buy new. Whatever the case, donating furniture to charity is a great solution for used household items. Here is a list of the top furniture donation charities in D.C.


Best Furniture Donation Charities in Chicago

Sofa in front of a brick wall

Moving away and don’t know what to do with all your furniture? Give it away to one of these top furniture donation charities in Chicago. Even though that old couch might be too worn out for your taste, it could be the nicest thing that a homeless person or struggling family has ever sat or slept on. Your donations could make an immense impact on someone’s life and there are plenty of charities that offer free furniture pickup so you don’t have to lift a finger to do a good deed.

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