Many New Yorkers rent their homes and are used to moving often. However, it’s rare for someone to move into an apartment that exactly matches their previous one. That’s when furniture can become more of a challenge than it’s worth.

Regardless of whether you’re moving to another home in New York City, or you’re moving clear across the country to Los Angeles, furniture donation in NYC can help. Not only will you be able to get rid of some of those bulkier items more easily, but you’ll also be helping people in need.

You might be wondering, though, whether you can donate anything and everything. Whom you should donate to might also be a concern, as well as what to do with those items that are ready to fall apart. And if you don’t have anything to donate, you can always volunteer at any of these organizations.


What furniture should you donate

When it comes to furniture donation in NYC, some people think that anything goes, no matter the condition it’s in. This is sometimes based on the idea that if someone is less fortunate, they should be happy with anything they get for free, which isn’t a great philosophy.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.If you really want to make someone happy, donate pieces of furniture that are still serviceable. If a mattress is stained and ripped, for example, it’s probably best to find an alternative to get rid of it.

So, a good rule of thumb is to donate the stuff you wouldn’t mind giving to a friend in need. If you’d be too embarrassed to give it to a friend, then the right thing to do would be to find an alternate way of getting rid of it.


Where to donate your furniture in NYC

You have a lot of options for furniture donation in NYC, some of which will even pick it up for free, which will definitely make your move far easier. Here are some organizations where you can donate your furniture to help others:

1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army does incredible work and helps so many people that it would be a shame not to donate at least something to them. Even better, they offer a free pickup service for bulkier items. It can take up to 4 weeks to get an appointment, though, so keep that in mind when scheduling your move.

2. Housing Works

Based in New York, Housing Works’ mission is to end AIDS and homelessness through advocacy, the support of social businesses, and by providing essential services that save lives.

Furniture donation NYC and a vintage dresser with chipped turquoise paint

Housing Works accepts furniture and will even pick it up for free, though expect to wait a few days to receive a response in terms of when they can come. They also have a few conditions and a list of things they cannot accept, such as:

  • Furniture that isn’t structurally sound or needs to be reupholstered
  • Items with lots of stains or that are faded have tears or are covered in pet hair
  • Products from IKEA
  • Furniture that’s missing parts

For a comprehensive list of what Housing Works will and won’t accept, check out their site.

3. City Opera Thrift Shop

If you want to support the arts, then the City Opera Thrift Shop is the way to do it. Through furniture donation in NYC (and other items), you’ll be helping the New York City Opera thrive. They also offer a free pick-up service, but it can take between five to seven days.

City Opera Thrift Shop also has a list of conditions and items that are unacceptable.

4. Goodwill

When it comes to furniture donation in NYC, or in any other city including San Francisco, Boston, and D.C., Goodwill is probably the first place most people think of. Unfortunately, they no longer offer free pickup. This organization will pick up any larger items you’re donating, but they do charge a fee.

5. JunkLuggers

JunkLuggers handles pickup and furniture donation in NYC for a fee. They’re not a charity themselves but are partnered with a number of non-profit organizations and will make sure your donation gets to where it can do the most good.

The fee differs on a case-by-case basis. So, you’ll have to schedule an appointment for them to pick up your donation, and they’ll provide you a quote once they arrive.


Alternatives to furniture donation in NYC

You might be moving into a new home that’s completely furnished and fully equipped, like the beautiful apartments Blueground offers. Their apartments are located in some of the best neighborhoods of major metropolitan areas. The properties also come with all the amenities you could possibly need. So, what can you do with your furniture other than donating it?

Furniture donation NYC and a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

For those attracted to the idea of minimal living, a furnished apartment allows you the flexibility to move between apartments with ease. When furniture, appliances, and linens are taken care of, you can move with as little as a few suitcases of clothes.

Sell nearly new furniture

However, some of your furniture might be almost brand new, and you aren’t really fond of the idea of giving it away. Some extra cash wouldn’t go amiss, either. In this case, you can consider selling your furniture.

Though Craigslist used to be the best place to list any furniture you were selling, nowadays, New Yorkers have many more options. AptDeco, for example, allows you to list your used furniture for free. The great thing is that they’ll then pick up and deliver any items you sold. Delivery is insured, and they also coordinate payments.

Furnishare is another excellent option. You upload photos of what you want to sell, along with a brief description. They’ll then pick up the items and handle selling it themselves. When the sale has gone through, you’ll receive a percentage that’s been established in advance.

Throw away items in poor condition

If the furniture you’re trying to get rid of is damaged and can’t be reused, you can easily throw it away in New York City. All you have to do is put your items on the curb and the Department of Sanitation will pick it up.

Furniture donation NYC and plastic bags, pieces of wood, and trash left on the sidewalk

Make sure to put it out on the right day, though, because otherwise you could be fined. Legally, you can put out up to six large items after 4 p.m. the evening before trash is regularly collected. You will have to prepare some items for disposal, though, such as sealing mattresses and box springs in plastic bags. You can use the special tool the New York City provides to find specific disposal instructions for a wide range of items.

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