Mid-century modern design has gotten big in recent years. Today, you can find an example of it virtually anywhere you go. It’s in coffee shops, businesses, homes, and more. But why? Why has mid-century modern design become so popular? What makes it such a standard choice for so many establishments today? The answer is simple: it’s beautiful, functional, and approachable. Unlike other design styles, it’s not stuffy. Instead, it feels easy to live in and enjoy. If you’re considering adding mid- century modern design to your home, here’s what you need to know.

What is mid-century modern?

As the name implies, mid-century modern design comes from the style popular in the middle of the 20th century. This generally covers the time period just after the war to Mad Men. Designers who like this style started taking tips from the International Style movement and Bauhaus. These schools of thought explored the idea that function should take precedence over form. The no-nonsense sentiment was popular after the war, when the world was recovering from a rough patch and was intensely focused on making sure things worked. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. The design was also minimalist, which was new at the time. The furniture from this period is now some of the most iconic in the world – offering clean lines and uncluttered designs that function well.Thanks in large part to the design revolution that took place in the mid 1950s, Scandinavian style joined forces with the mid-century modern movement. This marriage strengthened the focus on function while also enhancing the focus on form. That’s where the modern version of mid-century modern comes from.

Why use mid-century modern furniture in your design?

blueprint blueground mid century modern simple white room with green plot in white pot on white tabletop next to white lamp

There are many reasons to use mid-century modern furniture to decorate your apartment. Here are a few of the most pronounced:


1. Simplicity

If there’s one thing that mid-century modern furniture brings to a home, it’s a sense of beautiful simplicity. For a while, the trend in interior design was to make a space feel cluttered and opulent. That often missed the mark. Instead of feeling inviting, homes felt cramped and stuffy. Today, people are moving away from that design style and beginning to favor elements that help their homes feel airy and light. Mid-century modern fits the bill perfectly.

Thanks to its lightweight design, streamlined legs, and clean lines, mid-century modern furniture won’t clutter a space. This makes it ideal for smaller apartments in urban areas.


2. Functionality

Mid-century modern furniture arose to fill a purpose. It needed to function well without being fussy. It still does just that. Today, mid-century modern coffee tables, chairs, and sofas, for example, are welcoming and comfortable without being too much This contributes to a comfortable, functional space that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also makes a home feel welcoming and inviting.

3. Beauty

It’s easy to find high-quality, handmade mid-century modern pieces to dress up any space. Thanks to a mid-century modern focus on natural materials, there’s a plethora of buttery leather, beautiful wood, and clean metal. These natural elements are a great way to make a home beautiful and inviting, without causing undue harm to the environment.

4. Affordability

Since mid-century modern is vintage, homeowners can find plenty of antique pieces to restore or add to their homes, as-is. These pieces can come from estate sales, garage sales, consignment shops, thrift stores, and more. As long as they’re well-made, it will be easy to enjoy the way they look and feel without putting in much additional work.

5. Accessibility

Dozens of outlets sell mid-century modern furniture. Popular outlets include Ikea and Article, although homeowners can shop for these finds at virtually any local establishment. People who want help finding quality pieces can hire an interior designer to assist. Alternatively, property owners can choose to work with Blueground.


Blueground is a real estate tech company that makes people feel at home wherever they choose to live. The rental process is made simple by allowing renters to view apartments, check availabilities in real-time, sign a lease for the duration of their choosing, pay rent, and file maintenance requests – all online. Bringing in bespoke mid-century modern pieces, Blueground’s homes are updated with a wink to the glamor of the past. With units in some of the hottest rental markets around the country, the only thing Blueground renters need to do is simply show up and start living.

MCM for the win

blueprint blueground mid century modern corner of room with green walls and brown leather and wood dining set


While there are many decorating styles to choose from, mid-century modern stands out as a current favorite. Streamlined, simple, beautiful, and functional, mid-century modern is an excellent option for anyone looking to decorate their apartment today.

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