There are tons of great things about living in Los Angeles, from the warm climate to contemporary culture. However, like all urban cities, you can sometimes find pests in your apartment. To make you aware of common apartment bugs and what to do if you encounter them, we’ve compiled some need-to-know facts about pest control in Los Angeles.


Common pests in Los Angeles apartments

Don’t be alarmed if you see any of the following common pests in your L.A. apartment. There are simple things you can do yourself to make a home less attractive to pests. In addition, there are pest control professionals who can find the source of the problem and deal with it swiftly.


These insects can be a real nuisance if they appear in your apartment because they move and multiply quickly. Ants can enter inside through any cracks or unsealed areas. They often crawl into pantries and across kitchen countertops seeking water and greasy or sweet food. There are many species of ants, some more problematical than others. Carpenter ants, for example, can chew through wood.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.The best course of action is to keep your kitchen areas as clean and dry as possible. Take your garbage out daily, and don’t leave dirty dishes for the next day. Drawing chalk lines around potential entry points like windows sills and door frames can be a temporary measure to impede ants from entering. Scents like peppermint, cinnamon, and lemon are also known to be repellant. Using these scents as sprays around entry points can deter them.


Termites are nicknamed the ‘silent destroyer’ of apartment pests. They can be invisible to the eye but cause serious structural damage when left to their own devices. Termites eat wood and can enter through any cracks in the flooring or foundation of your home. They can also get inside from trees or outdoor wooden furniture. Their unpleasant odor can even result in discoloration of walls.

worn wooden outdoor furniture

As termites thrive in moist environments, you can help deter them from entering your home by eliminating any damp areas. This can range from sealing cracks or entry points around pipes to fixing leaky faucets and maintaining the gutters. It’s also a good idea to clear away any debris or firewood around the property. Also, try to trim foliage and trees that come into contact with your home. Additionally, you can install screens onto outside vents. If you do spot any signs of a termite infestation, contact a pest control professional immediately.


These creepy crawlies are stubborn apartment pests that breed very quickly and prove hard to get rid of. They pose a health risk by triggering allergies and contaminating food. In addition, cockroaches damage linen and clothing by eating and creating holes. Cockroaches are also attracted to household items made from natural materials, like wallpaper, books or furniture. They can enter into the home through the plumbing, travel in via moving boxes, or even luggage.

Aside from keeping on top of regular household chores, give your appliances a deep clean. You can prevent cockroaches from entering by sealing all entry points. Cockroaches come out to feed after dark so sweep or vacuum kitchen floors each night. If you have pets, empty their food containers in the evening. It’s also advisable to keep your trash cans clean and away from the structure of your building.


Mice and rats are unsettling and unpleasant creatures to spot inside your apartment. They can spread disease, gnaw on wires and damage furniture inside a home. Outside, they can feed on garden areas. Rodents can squeeze their way into a house through holes the size of a quarter, as well as chewing their way in. Signs they are inside an apartment include greasy brown marks, chewed household items or droppings.

Block any potential cracks or entry points in the foundations of your home. You can make a kitchen less tempting for rodents by keeping food in tightly sealed containers and ensuring countertops crumb-free. Keep any cardboard boxes in cupboards. Cardboard objects are also sought-after by mice and rats who use the material to build nests.

Bed bugs

No one wants to host bed bugs, but they can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. You may only realize they are around if you get bitten. Bed bug bites are similar to mosquito bites and occur at night, most likely when you are sleeping. The bugs can travel into your home through luggage, used furniture or mattresses. They can also congregate on carpeting, blankets or your pet’s bedding.

unmade bedding

If you see any signs of bed bugs contact a professional pest control company immediately. Other bed bug clues are a musty odor or white spots on your furniture. An infestation can spread into many areas of your home, including clothing. Store your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags, clear out unnecessary clutter by donating items to charity, and use mattress covers.

Stinging insects

The warm Los Angeles weather makes stinging insects a common apartment pest. They usually build nests around buildings, under decks or inside attics. Bees, wasps, hornets, and scorpions all sting. Their nests can be difficult and dangerous to remove without professional pest control services. Make where you live a less attractive breeding ground for stinging insects by sealing any holes around attics, gutters, decking or between cracks in the walls.


Post pest infestation

If you find yourself in an apartment with a pest infestation, you may want to move out quickly. A hotel might not be the best solution, as pests like bed bugs can be a risk there as well. A better option is to look into fully furnished apartments, such as those offered by Blueground. Each rental is completely equipped, renovated, and professionally maintained. With the option to stay for a month or more, you can bridge the gaps between apartments or settle in the longer-term if you end up loving it.

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