Pests probably aren’t the first thing that pop into your mind when you move to NYC. It’s far more likely you’re excited to explore a new neighborhood, check out the local music scene and settle into your new apartment. However, it’s practical to be aware of pests that can appear in your home and to be informed on how to handle pest control in NYC.


Pests in NYC apartments

The most common apartment pests found in NYC rentals are cockroaches, bed bugs and ants. Other lesser known bugs include carpet beetles, silverfish (insects named after the movement in which they ‘swim’ across surfaces) and stinging insects. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. It can make your skin crawl just thinking about these household pests. But you can stay alert to any potential pest problems by being aware of the signs of infestations and knowing what steps to take to deal with the situation.


Pests in more detail

Common signs that can signal a cockroach infestation include an unpleasant odor and brown smear marks. They can spread disease, allergic reactions, and food poisoning. Termites are more likely to appear in winter as they are attracted to warm buildings. They don’t pose the same health risks as cockroaches but do cause structural damage. In particular, they can wreak havoc on the flooring due to their wood-eating habits.

Ants can nest in many household nooks and crannies, from beneath the foundations of a property to under carpets. They are attracted to kitchens and bathrooms, seeking damp environments and greasy or sweet food. Carpet beetles, on the other hand, feed off dried pantry food. They tend to scuttle around in closets and carpeting. If left untreated they can cause lasting damage to carpeting and clothing.

Silverfish are insects that are attracted to damp and dark spaces like bathrooms. They’re fast-moving and like to feed on household items such as wallpaper, books, glue or dried food. Stinging insects that appear in NYC properties like wasps and bees can make nests around residential buildings. These critters also get inside homes through small cracks, gathering in attic corners or even inside walls.

Bed bugs are a risk when staying in a hotel or rentals where multiple people have stayed. They can even be found in seating on airplanes and in movie theatres. Once they have infested a home they can be notoriously hard to get rid of. They can live almost everywhere, from beds to furniture and carpeting to clothing. Though not a serious health risk, they can bite. Bed bug bites look similar to blisters, with small red bumps that can become itchy.


Pest proof your apartment

Aside from keeping your apartment clean and tidy, here are some top tips to keep pests at bay:

  • Seal potential entry points and cracks around areas such as windows and doors
  • Keep wetter rooms in your apartment as clean and dry as possible
  • Place all food in containers and keep surfaces clean and crumb-free
  • Get rid of clutter, have a clear out and donate unwanted items to charity
  • Place trash in sealed bags in tightly covered, regularly cleaned receptacles


Professional pest control

smiling exterminator in front of a white van

It can be really unsettling to spot pests in your apartment. Luckily there are many pest control professionals in NYC that can eliminate the problem. As an example, here are two of the most highly rated pest control companies in the city. One offers traditional services while the other offers a greener alternative.


Receive 24-hour customer service support with one of America’s top providers of termite and pest control services.  Terminix offers free online estimates for your pest problems and expertly trained technicians. The range of pests they treat includes silverfish, spiders, ants, scorpions, mice and more. They also pledge to repeat treatments, free of charge, until the pests are gone.  

Green Earth Pest Control

GEPC customers have the option of traditional pest control services alongside greener and organic services, including pesticide-free options. They always strive to use the least-toxic products whenever possible. Their experienced team can help you get rid of all the most common household pests in NYC, from fabric destroying insects to cockroaches.


Post pest infestation

You can make your apartment a more pleasant place to live post pest infestation with some interior design upgrades. Easy to care for apartment plants not only bring natural beauty inside but also freshen up spaces and purify the air. The color scheme in your apartment can also improve the ambiance. Calming paint colors can make a space more relaxing to be in. As can softer lighting and scents with essential oils or nontoxic scented candles.

pest control nyc Blueground NYC living room

You can have peace of mind that pests can be dealt with if you stay at a serviced apartment to the standard that Blueground offer in NYC. Blueground’s newly renovated rentals are located in professionally maintained buildings across the best neighborhoods in NYC. Should home maintenance issues pop up, a professional helping hand is only a tap away on the Guest App. Especially for tenants, Blueground’s maintenance team does an inspection and deep clean to prevent any potential pest infestations.

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