You may associate using a pool with being on holiday. But you can still make use of a pool in urban environments. If you’re lucky enough to stay in a rental that has a pool in the apartment building, you can use it for your workouts. Inspired by Blueground’s listings that often feature the bonus of a pool onsite, we’ve put together some easy ways to work out in the water.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.With the luxury of having a pool in your apartment building, you can take advantage of keeping up a regular water workout routine. Another perk is that a residential pool will be more peaceful than a public pool. The thought of having to squeeze in between aqua aerobics classes or children’s swimming lessons can make you want to float off into the distance.


Benefits of pool workouts

Working out in the water allows you to work up a sweat while staying cool. Pool workouts are also more gentle on the joints while helping to ease stiff muscles at the same time. As well as being a more refreshing alternative to working out from inside a sweaty indoor gym. It’s possible to get the same benefits from exercising in the pool as you would out of the pool. You can burn calories, strengthen muscles, tone up and improve your posture when you exercise in the water.



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Pool exercises are great fat-burners. Here are some alternative ways to burn calories in the pool – no swimming required.

Sprint in the shallow end

Start by standing on the spot with the water at chest-level. Pick your knees up under the water as high as you can towards your chest. Gradually increase your pace from a run to a sprint, moving your legs as fast as you can. Don’t forget to get your arms active above the water too. The more your arms are pumping, the faster the body will move.  

Tuck jumps

For this exercise, move to the deeper end of the pool and stand with your shoulders just underneath the water. Once positioned, start jumping by driving your knees into your chest. Your arms are only active in this exercise to help you keep your balance. The momentum for this high-intensity move should come from your lower legs and core muscles.

Jumping jacks

You can take this classic cardio warm-up underwater. Stand with water at waist-level and feet hip-width apart. Keep hands and lower arms by your side. Simultaneously, start jumping your legs and arms out to the side and back in again. To increase your heart rate, keep palms and fingers open wide. Working out the biceps and triceps this way underwater increases speed.


Abs and arms

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Classic gym exercises for working out your abs and arms can be adapted for pool workouts.

Pool plank

It’s worth splashing out on a noodle to do the exercise that everyone to loves to hate – the plank – in the pool. This exercise is a killer core strengthener. Place the noodle in your hands, shoulder-width apart. Lean forward into the water into a plank position keeping your toes on the ground. Float the noodle in front, pushing down with your upper body until you are in the plank position. Keep your body in a straight line, hold, and engage your core.  

Push-ups poolside

Push-ups can be adapted in the pool by using the poolside wall to push off. Start by firmly placing the palms of your hand on the wall, shoulder-width apart. Press your palms into the wall and push your body out of the water, straightening your arms as you push up. As you lower yourself back down into the pool, bend your knees, push down, and kick back up for momentum.


The bicycle exercise is a simple move that works both the arms and abs. The water adds extra resistance for the shoulders, core area, and legs. Begin with resting your elbows on the poolside with your back to the wall. Keep your elbows on the pool edge, engage your core by pulling your belly to the spine, then get those legs cycling underwater. Think of it like moving your spinning workout into the water.


Sculpt and tone legs

Working out in the water offers extra resistance that will help firm and tone up your legs.


For this leg toning exercise, get into the pool with the water at waist-level. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. From here, bend the legs slightly and place your hands on your waist. Bend the right knee up to your waist then kick out to the side. Repeat the exercise on the left side. For extra stability, you can hold on the poolside for balance.

Frog jumps

This exercise is great for working the inner thighs. Squat down into the water on your tiptoes with heels together and feet pointed out to the side. Place your hands on your waist and tuck the tail bone under. Here comes the fun bit. Once your body is correctly aligned, push off from your feet as high as you can out of the water. Squat back down into the starting position and repeat.

Flutter kicks

flutter kicking while holding onto the pool wall

The secret to this exercise is focusing on the quality of movement rather than making too much of a splash. Get into position by holding on to the edge of the pool with arms shoulder-width apart. Once your body is floating in a straight line underwater, start kicking your legs in short, sharp movements as fast as you can.

All these exercises are easy to learn and are perfect to incorporate into a regular pool workout. Also the poolside makes the most idyllic setting for a post-workout stretch and cool down. If you’re on the move for business or in a city for a short stay, it can be more challenging to find a place to work out. However, there are some simple exercises you can do from your apartment. Many major cities also have an abundance of gyms and fitness studios where you can attend per class or sign up to a month-to-month membership. So what’s stopping you?

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