Almost no one enjoys moving, save for the satisfaction of putting a personal stamp on a new home. The actual logistics of moving from one place to another – packing and storing your personal possession, hauling heavy boxes and furniture up or downstairs, and the associated costs in time and money – are almost no one’s idea of a good time.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.That said, there are a handful of tried-and-true short term storage ideas that make the process a bit more efficient. This article will overview the two most-common short term storage ideas that movers can rely on, offering pros and cons as well as some guidance and suggestions for students and professionals transitioning into new towns or cities. If you’d rather not have to deal with storage altogether, consider donating your furniture to a charity and giving your new apartment a fresh look.


Portable storage units

Portable storage units – which could be considered the “external hard drives” of modern moving – have emerged as a very popular short term storage solution.

These containers are generally 16 to 20 feet long. They’re weather-proofed and often fall under the same umbrella of protection and service that any major moving company provides. In many cases, moving companies offering portable storage units will even pack up at the departure location and eventually unpack once a renter is situated in their new place.

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If there’s a downside to this solution, it’s cost. Sure, portable storage units can be a very convenient solution. But like any other convenience, consumers can expect to pay more for the service.

A number of factors contribute to the total monthly cost of a portable storage unit, including:

  • Size of the portable storage unit
  • The distance the portable unit is being moved
  • Cost of services for a city or region
  • Availability
  • Length of storage unit reservation


What to expect to pay

Say, let’s use a 16’ unit as an example. A renter can expect to pay a minimum of $200 per month before taxes and associated fees for the unit. Additionally, there will be delivery and pickup fees ranging from $150-$250. Portable storage units are not inexpensive. In some circumstances, one of the factors listed above will make the use of a portable storage unit prohibitive.

But for those who have disposable income and more pressing matters to attend to – perhaps a new job waiting in a new city, or other responsibilities that take precedence – paying a trusted moving company to handle most of the moving and storage responsibilities can ultimately be a high-value investment, once personal time and wear-and-tear are factored.

People planning to move in the near future can investigate different long-distance movers, and see which moving solution makes the most sense.



Self-storage is a time-honored, comparatively inexpensive short term storage solution. Renters simply locate nearby storage facilities and personally move their possessions into a temperature-controlled unit. Units can range from closet-sized 4 x 6 units up to larger garage-type units intended for vehicle storage.

short term storage facilities red aluminium garage doors

For a renter moving somewhere within driving distance, then self-storage is a viable option. The same is true if the cost is a major factor. Also, if a renter is downsizing and needs a longer-term solution – perhaps 6-12 months at a cost-controlled figure – then self-storage can make a lot of sense.

Renters opting to work with larger national companies are also likely able to manage their accounts online. This adds efficiency and removes a degree of risk from the process. It also makes the bookkeeping related to a big move a bit easier.

Self-storage advantages and disadvantages

The issue with self-storage is that it can become a time-consuming logistical headache. There will be renters moving a great distance, perhaps from New York to Boston. They will have to pack up and drive a moving truck at some point from their former city to their new home. No matter how a renter plans things out, there will be a lot of labor-intensive shuffling between a residence and a self-storage unit.

Self-storage often has the benefit of being cost-controlled, an appealing aspect of any lease agreement. However, this is still a cost that a renter is incurring for every month of use. The upfront cost may not be as great as paying for movers and a portable unit. But the sum cost could be greater.

Self-storage is an expense that most renters will want to eliminate as soon as possible. But in some situations, renters could find themselves locked into a 6-12 month lease. This cost may or may not be substantial, but it can be nagging.


Finding the best short-term storage solution for your needs

There are different reasons for moving to a new city. School, work, family, or simply to take on a new adventure are some of them. Regardless, it’s important not to let the logistics of moving sap your enthusiasm. Tens of thousands of people move every day. Dozens of viable short-term storage solutions exist that can make moving as painless as possible.

While many travelers have learned how to live minimally, in most cases, there are still some essentials that people will need to bring with them. But students, temps, and people working on short projects may not want to deal with the complications associated with moving. For this, they can consider Blueground as a solution.

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To help make moving more of an invigorating thrill and less of a chore, Blueground provides fully-furnished apartments in the favored cities in the country as well as abroad! Every property comes equipped, serviced and move-in ready. During the booking process and for the entire duration of the stay, you can have peace of mind knowing you went for the best possible accommodation option.

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