Your bedroom is the place to relax after a long and stressful day. It is where you can gather your thoughts, de-stress, and be yourself. Even if you don’t have room for many accessories, furniture items, and personal belongings, you can still create a stylish, functional, and organized space. If space is limited, here are several simple but eye-catching ideas for your small bedroom.


Choose bright colors

Dark and bold colors certainly make a statement but they can also make a room appear tiny and cramped. When you choose light and bright colors for bedroom decor, you make the room appear more inviting. Insistent on utilizing dark and bold colors such as deep reds, blacks, or blues throughout your room? Then, make them the accent colors and use them as your main inspiration for pillows, a throw blanket, or a piece of wall art.


Keep your bed high

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to tight quarters is the lack of storage space. It can be difficult to find a home for all of your personal belongings. While decluttering should be high on your to-do list, you still need a place for all the items you want to keep and that have sentimental value. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. As you search for small bedroom ideas, consider lifting your bed off of the ground. You can choose bedroom furniture that boasts small drawers underneath or lift your bed on a tall, homemade bed frame. If a DIY project is not an option, placing cinder blocks under your bed frame can lift it up for cheap. This also provides plenty of space for totes, baskets, milk crates, and more.


Skip unnecessary furniture

You can still create gorgeous, open rooms even if space is limited. One way is to be picky about the furniture items you place in your bedroom area. Only choose the essential items such as a bed, dresser, and a nightstand.

a dark green accent wall with a large wooden headboard and bed against it. Next to the bed is a wooden nightstand and a wicker basket holding towels. Above the bed is a silhouette image in a black frame

Remember that the more items you try to cram into your bedroom, the more cluttered and small it will feel. You may even want to get rid of thick headboards or footboards as they can take up extra space that you don’t have.


Hang a large mirror

One popular trick for small bedrooms is to hang a mirror on the wall. The mirror will reflect light into the room, and create the illusion and feeling of a larger space.

Choose a mirror with a decorative frame to create a statement piece. Just make sure that you size your mirror wisely. By choosing one that is too small, it won’t do the job of doubling as decor. By choosing one that is too big, you can actually make the room appear even smaller.


Incorporate horizontal stripes

As you choose the colors and patterns for your bedroom, consider incorporating horizontal stripes into the design scheme. This is a simple way to make the room appear wide and open. You don’t have to do much to nail this look either. You can apply stripes to the wall or even on your fabrics and wall art. Just be careful to not overdo this design or the room may become too busy and very overwhelming.


Use wall space

Even if your square footage is limited, there are still multiple ways to incorporate various belongings and accessories in your room. Simply, use the wall. Hang floating wall shelves to easily display items such as photographs, clocks, plants, etc. These items also add a little more dimension to the space, helping create an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

wooden crates mounted on the wall with plants on top and inside with three lightbulbs hanging down in front on black wires

Also, don’t be afraid to be creative with your small bedroom design ideas. For example, consider hanging a shelf from the ceiling and using it to place books and magazines or hang it near your bed to use as a nightstand.


Let in the natural light

Natural light makes every room appear welcoming and warm, regardless of the size or type of space. When this light is restricted, the room appears gloomy and dull, which probably isn’t somewhere you would want to spend much time in. Meaning, you want to let in as much natural light as possible. Avoid dark, heavy window treatments over your bedroom windows and avoid placing a large headboard or other furniture items in front of it as well. During the day, aim to keep your window treatments open and let the sunshine stream inside.

a bedroom with a lot of windows that are letting in natural light and offering a view of the city. There is a wooden bed and dresser and nightstand with a lamp on top

No matter where you choose to live and how you choose to decorate your small apartment, you need to find and foster a place that feels like home. One of the best options is to choose a beautifully furnished and fully-equipped apartment like those provided by Blueground, and enjoy trendy, stunning, and eye-catching living spaces. You’ll have everything you need from day one, creating a home that you’ll be excited to come back to each night.

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