When the first signs of spring and summer are in the air, those of us lucky enough to have a patio or balcony are quick to dust things off. For apartment dwellers, in particular, it’s a real treat to have outdoor space that’s all yours. Make the most of patio season with a refresh, brought to you by Blueground, a specialist in premium furnished housing. The first step is to invest in a small patio table that will serve as the perfect place for coffee, wine, afternoon reading, and the like, and the build from there. Here’s our guide:

10 small patio table ideas for small spaces

Whether you intend to entertain or keep the space all for yourself, these tips will make you feel right at home:

1. Invest in a folding set

Patios can be tiny, and furniture makers have started to take note of that. As such, there are now dozens of folding dining sets on the market. These four or five-piece sets include a table and chairs that fold into a small, compact package when not in use. For reference, here’s a great option from Wayfair.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. With a folding set, you can store away extra chairs or the entire set in case you feel like doing some balcony yoga or simply want to make more room for a four-legged friend.

2. Add a rocking chair

Rocking chairs are only for indoor use, right? Wrong. If you’ve got a patio made for one, consider adding an indoor/outdoor rocking chair, a cozy cushion, and a small side table. This approach allows you to maximize your available room and make the most of your outdoor time, instead of getting discouraged by the small space. Book worms and sunbathers alike will love the slow rock of this veranda classic.

3. Bring in a bar cart

Rather than opting for a patio end table, look for a rolling bar cart in a fun color. This serves two purposes. First, it allows you to move the cart around for ideal positioning in a small space. Tuck it back against the building when it’s not in use, and roll it out into the sun when it’s time for afternoon cocktails. Secondly, a table with wheels is much more versatile than a small patio table and can offer some room for storage, as well. Any small appliances can sit here in order to be useful and within reach, without ruining the aesthetic.

4. Look for corner furniture

Today, you can find outdoor furniture meant to fit oddly shaped spaces. Some popular options include individual pieces of furniture meant to tuck into corners and up against homes. Made of wicker or metal and comfortably upholstered with beautiful, weather-proof prints, these pieces are a welcome addition to any patio or balcony.

5. Opt for unconventional material

Who says a patio table must be made of metal? Today, trendy materials like wicker and rattan are making the scene and replacing the monotony of wrought iron patio tables.small patio table coffee in blue cup

Lightweight and eye-catching, these tables are easy to move, store, and cover, and create a beautiful conversation piece when you use them.

6. Find a folding table

Meant to serve the same purpose as a rolling bar cart (tuck it away when you don’t need it), a folding patio accent table is a great fit for small spaces. Look for lightweight versions crafted from metal and powder-coated for durability. If you occasionally host dinner parties or an evening with friends, look for a patio dining table. Bonus points for adding matching chairs.

7. Add some color

If you have a bit more space, look for a patio or balcony table that features a mosaic or tiled top. In addition to being durable, these pieces are beautiful and eye-catching, which makes them the perfect focal point for any outdoor space. You can also add in splashes of color (and texture) by changing up table cloths and other cushions given the occasion or your mood.

8. Swap chairs for a bench

You need seating around whatever table you choose. Instead of chairs though, save space and provide more seating with a bench. Ideal for small spaces, benches provide seating for about three people and can serve as a table or storage space when they’re not in use.

9. Convert a plant stand

If you have incredibly limited space, look for a side table or plant stand, and convert that for use as your patio table. These furniture pieces typically have smaller bases than actual tables and can be the perfect fit for a tiny balcony.

10. Enlist a crate

Ordinary, wooden milk crates actually make great patio tables. Flip one on its end for a height-appropriate find that provides some storage room beneath.small patio table wooden crate

Alternately, connect two crates for a simple, affordable DIY table that looks great and performs well.

Welcome to your new patio

There’s nothing like having outdoor space all to yourself, especially when living in a city. Whether your patio is big enough for a party or tiny enough to provide space for one, these patio table ideas are the perfect way to add some functionality to your urban oasis. Make sure you’re fully enjoying your sunny days at home.

blueground chicago balcony with telescope and patio chairs

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