As you prepare to move to a new city, you will inevitably realize that you have too much stuff. This is true whether it’s a temporary move or a permanent relocation. Even if you manage to cull some of your possessions for disposal or donation, you may not be able to take the rest of your belongings with you.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.The fewer items you have to move, the less stress you will experience during the relocation process. Blueground’s guests love our move-in ready furnished apartments precisely because they can just show up and start living. Our homes are professionally designed with thoughtful touches like luxury linens, well-equipped kitchens, and in-unit laundry. There are also Bluetooth-enabled Marshall speakers and smart TVs in our units.

storage unit for short term housing

Bottom line, our guests really only need to pack the essentials. But if you’re not ready to embrace full-tilt minimalism, you may want to look into self storage before your move. Here are some basic tips to help you save money and effort as you prepare to relocate.

1. Check out the cost of self storage near you

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Storage Wars, you know how many people can’t quite fit their lives into their homes. The self storage industry is booming in the US, and it’s likely that there are several facilities near your current location with competitive prices. Do a search to see what kind of rates are on offer. You can also check to whether you can score a lower price if you rent by the year rather than by the month.

Keep in mind that larger national companies might charge a little more than a local provider, but also offer more options for managing your account online. You may also want to check to see if any of your credit cards offer discounts on self storage, or whether your college or university alumni association has a group rate.

2. Consider a portable storage unit instead of self storage

“Pod”-based storage is an emerging trend for digital nomads. Unlike storage units, where the mover loads up a truck or car and then heads to an offsite location, this solution comes to you. Companies like MobileMini and will deliver weather-proof, secure containers to your current home. You can then take the time you need to pack and arrange for pick up. (Some companies will even pack and unpack for you.) The only drawback is that pod-based storage tends to be more expensive than self-service storage units.

storage unit for short term housing

3. Compare self storage prices in your origin and destination

If you’re embarking on a short-term move, you will want to price out every possibility. Although it’s much easier to store your belongings near your permanent home, you might spend more. Even a lot more. Research the cost of temperature controlled self storage units in both your home city and your soon-to-be home city. If you’re moving from a higher cost of living area to a lower cost of living area, you could save a substantial amount — even after the cost of renting a truck for several days or paying long-distance movers.

4. Figure out how much storage space you really need

Self storage units and pod containers come in various dimentions and sizes. Don’t just guess “medium” and move on with your life, because this is a bill you will pay once a month! In order to estimate your storage needs, start with a list of everything you will need to put inside. If you have a garage, it’s a great place to stage your belongings so you can gauge what size storage unit or pod container you will need. No garage? Try this online tool to estimate how much storage space you will need to rent.

packing items for a storage unit for short term housing

5. Donate or sell what you won’t use again

Even if you order a pod or rent a storage unit, you may still need to save space to maximize affordability. Think about donating your gently used furniture to a charity, since furniture and other large items eat up valuable floor space in your self storage unit or pod.

If you need some extra cash, put an ad on Craigslist or Facebook offering your furniture for sale. You might be surprised how much your castoffs are worth!

fordham lincoln center apartment westport blueground spacious bedroom with accent wall

Blueground wants our guests to love absolutely everything about their new homes. Find out more about our short term rental apartments stocked with everything you need to work from anywhere.

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