Blueground takes care of everything you have to do before moving to a new apartment and city. All of our apartments are furnished with high-end items from our own collection and come standard with high-speed Wi-Fi and Smart TVs so that you can show up and start living.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Of course, there’s more to moving to a new city than finding the perfect pad. That’s why Blueground selects partner companies like TaskRabbit who can help our guests live life to the fullest in their new homes.

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Now Blueground guests in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, DC can find local ‘Taskers’ to help out with anything Blueground doesn’t tackle for you. Bottom line, you can get time back to relax at home or explore your new stomping grounds, without breaking the bank.

What Can TaskRabbit Do for You?

TaskRabbit’s army of more than 140,000 skilled and reliable Taskers are ready to help with all the chores that go into moving and living.

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Pack and unpack

Your Blueground apartment comes furnished and move-in ready, but what about your clothing and other personal items? You can hire a Tasker in your current city to pack up your personal items and ship them to your new city, where a second Tasker can unpack them to your specifications.

Pick up medication and other items

Too busy to make it to the drugstore? A Tasker can head to the store on your behalf to pick up your medications and any other items you specify.

Run errands during work

Even true go-getters can’t get it all done during the day. When you’re too busy at work to make it to the post office, hire a Tasker to drop off or pick up your items for you.

Grocery shop

It can be hard to know where to shop for food when you move to a new city. Why not just make your grocery list and let a local Tasker stock your fridge and pantry so that all you have to do is cook?

Organize your space

Did you pack more stuff than you have room for? An experienced Tasker can help you organize and store your personal belongings so that you have the space you need to stretch out and relax

Virtual assistance

Sometimes your workday is so packed that cloning yourself seems like the most practical option. (Trust us, it’s not.) If you’re feeling overwhelmed, hire an experienced Tasker as a virtual personal assistant to help you organize your email inbox, manage your schedule, and more. You can opt for a one-time assist or find someone who can be your right hand at work for as long as you need.

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How It Works

When you use TaskRabbit you have total control over the process and you don’t pay for your task until the job is done. Both the app and website make it easy to choose your next Tasker by filtering for reviews and particular skills. You can schedule your service for the time that’s most convenient for you—including the same day.

When hiring one of the many skilled and reliable Taskers, you can request that your task be contactless. Once you’ve found the perfect person for your particular job you can manage tasks and send messages and even photos to them using the TaskRabbit app. Are you ready to hire some help? Take advantage of Blueground’s partnership with TaskRabbit and find the perfect Tasker for whatever you need to get done today.

Blueground partners with Task Rabbit and other forward-thinking, convenience-minded companies that help our guests get even more out of their experience with us. Find your next furnished, move-in ready home and get out and enjoy your new city the day you arrive.

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