Moving to Berlin is all the rage with freelancers and digital nomads these days. Why? Because Germany’s capital is home to some of the top startups in Europe, not to mention thousands of tech-savvy young professionals looking to network.

Working from Berlin is easy when you have the perfect home and work environment. Choosing a furnished apartment, like those from Blueground, makes it easy to simply show up in the city and start living.

Similarly, having a place to be productive can help you hit the ground running once you relocate.

Here is a look at some of the top coworking spaces in Berlin, including amenities and pricing.

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1. Betahaus Berlin

One of the most popular coworking spaces in Berlin, Betahaus has locations in the city’s Neukölln and Kreuzberg neighborhoods.


Betahaus Berlin offers coworking spaces in addition to private offices.

There are also event spaces for when you want to celebrate a milestone in your business.


Working from Berlin?

Memberships to Betahaus start at 99 Euros per month, while you can go pro and access all of the coworking space’s perks for 250 Euros per month.

2. Spaces

“Spaces” has premier coworking studios all over the world.

So if you are moving to Berlin from another destination that is popular with digital nomads you are likely already familiar with the brand.

Also, their Berlin office is located in the city’s popular Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood.


Spaces Berlin offers dedicated desks, offices, meeting rooms, and breakout areas. There’s also private parking available and networking events for members!


A coworking membership at Spaces Berlin costs 207 Euros a month, while office space starts at 490 Euros a month.

3. Ahoy Berlin

Ahoy Berlin is one of the most established coworking spaces in Berlin!

Located in Mitte, this beautifully designed 4,500 square-meter office space is ideal for newcomers to the city.


The amenities at Ahoy Berlin include offers single desks, team offices, and virtual offices.

Also, there are some meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour or day.


A coworking membership at Ahoy Berlin starts at 180 Euros a month, while office space starts at 950 Euros a month.

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4. Techspace Berlin Kreuzberg

Working from Berlin is a snap at this snazzy coworking space. Techspace runs flexible offices throughout Europe. Their Kreuzberg location has four floors and a total of more than 4,200 square meters of coworking space in Berlin.


Techspace Berlin Kreuzberg offers both dedicated and group offices as well as 24/7 access to the space. There is also an event space that regularly hosts networking events for members.


A dedicated desk at Techspace Berlin Kreuzberg costs 429 Euros a month, and group offices start at 3,452 Euros a month.


5. Space Shack

This futuristic coworking space in Schöneberg is perfect for entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Space Shack is known for its quirky networking events, so this Berlin coworking spaces is ideal if you want to meet new people.


Space Shack has hot desks that can be reserved by the day, team offices, virtual offices, and meeting spaces that can be rented by the day or hour, making it one of the most flexible coworking spaces in Berlin!


If you want to reserve a Hot Desk at Space Shack, prices start at 20 Euros. Prices for meeting rooms vary depending on size and availability, but you can expect to pay between 150 and 300 Euros per day.

6. Kiez Büro

Set in Mitte, which is known for its startup offices, Kiez Büro is one of Berlin’s premier coworking spaces. This office is beloved by locals because of its gorgeous natural light.


Kiez Büro has both flexible and fixed desks for individuals that can be rented out monthly. There are also private offices ranging in sizes from accommodating two people to 24 people. Members enjoy 24-hour access, a kitchen, and other standard shared-office amenities.


Monthly plans at Kiez Büro start at 79 Euros for a flexible single desk. The pricing for the larger group offices varies depending on how much space you will need.

7. Mindspace Krausenstraße

Did you know that Mindspace has offices throughout the world — and they are known for their high quality. Mindspace Krausenstraße is located in Berlin’s Mitte neighborhood, a haven for startup culture.


In addition to standard shared office amenities like Wi-Fi and after-hours access, Mindspace Krausenstraße offers private offices and team suites.


Private offices at Mindspace Krausenstraße start at 1,100 Euros per month.

8. Kontorhaus Berlin by The Office Group

Quirky Kontorhaus Berlin by The Office Group has plenty of space for coworking in Berlin. The flexible office space occupies two adjoining buildings in the city center, offering young companies room to grow.


The flexible office space at Kontorhaus Berlin by The Office Group includes coworking, private offices, and meeting rooms, as well as virtual offices.


Membership plans at Kontorhaus Berlin by The Office Group start at 199 Euros per month for coworking without a dedicated desk, and 399 Euros for a dedicated space. Private offices start at 939 Euros per month, and prices rise according to how much space you need.

9. Thunderbolt Collective

Set in Kreuzberg, the Thunderbolt Collective coworking space is one of the coolest flexible offices in Berlin. The beautiful space features modernistic design and plenty of light.


The Thunderbolt collective offers members a desk, conference room access, and all the candy they can eat and coffee they can drink – perfect for working in Berlin. There are also member networking events.


Memberships to the Thunderbolt Collective cost 500 Euros per month.

shared office space in berlin

10. Amapola Coworking

Trendy Amapola Coworking is one of the most flexible and affordable coworking spaces in Berlin. You can sign up for a day pass or a monthly membership, depending on what works better for your schedule.


The amenities at Amapola Coworking include standard office services like high-speed Wi-Fi and printing, as well as free coffee. You can also use the conference room.


A day pass to Amapola Coworking costs 12 Euros – or 8 Euros for a trial day. A flexible desk membership costs 150 Euros per month, while a fixed desk membership costs 190 Euros each month.

11. PulsRaum

Today, PulsRaum is one of the best coworking spaces in Berlin.

Eclectic PulsRaum (formerly Pulse Space) is one of the most established coworking spaces in Berlin. This hip office space relocated to a larger building in Berlin-Wedding it 2020 in order to accommodate even more digital nomads, creatives, and entrepreneurs.


PulsRaum offers individual work spaces, meeting rooms, and a combination kitchen and social area for members. There’s also a courtyard where you can socialize or take a break.


An individual membership to PulsRaum costs 240 Euros a month. The seminar rooms can be rented for as little as 240 Euros a day.

12. Interspaces St. Ringbahn

High-tech Interspaces St. Ringbahn is located in a former television workshop. The location is just a few steps from the city’s famous Tempelhofer Field as well.


The amenities at Interspaces St. Ringbahn include private desks for coworking, private offices, meeting rooms, a member event space, and virtual office services.


Interspaces St. Ringbahn is one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Berlin, with a flexible desk starting at just 99 Euros per month. Private offices cost a minimum of 200 Euros per person.

13. CO23

Another one the best coworking spaces in Beriln is CO23, located in the city’s Kreuzberg neighborhood. Established in 2014, this is one of the oldest office alternatives in the city, and ideal for anyone working in Berlin.


CO23 offers gorgeous spaces for coworking within the 350 square-foot space. All CO23 members receive a mailbox and company listing, their own key to the premises, and a personal locker.


A monthly coworking membership at CO23 costs 64.90 Euros. Members can pay an additional 3.90 Euros each month for WhatsApp notifications when they receive postal mail, 4.90 Euros per month for a larger locker, 9.90 Euros a month to have letters scanned for them, and 14.90 Euros a month for a Berlin telephone number with forwarding.

14. Wonder Coworking

Another ideal spot if you are working remotely in Berlin is Wonder Coworking – at least if you’re female. This all-woman office space is one of several in the city.


Like other coworking spaces in Berlin, Wonder Coworking offers comfortable desks in an open plan environment. There are also meeting rooms available for rent and networking events for members.


A basic monthly membership to Wonder Coworking costs 29 Euros per month, while unlimited access to the space costs 149 Euros each month.

berlin alexanderblatz

15. Regus – Alexanderplatz

Located near the famous Berlin TV tower, Regus – Alexanderplatz  is one of the best coworking spaces in Berlin. This attractive office is perfect for anyone who lives in the city’s central business district, thanks to its central location.


Regus – Alexanderplatz offers both hot desking and workstations that can be reserved monthly, depending on your preferences. There are also networking events for members.


Pricing at Regus – Alexanderplatz is customized depending on which services you choose to utilize while working remotely in Berlin.

16. House of Clouds

House of Clouds, located in Moabit, is another excellent Berlin coworking space. In addition to being a great place to work, the entire facility is hydropowered.


House of Clouds offers monthly coworking memberships that include storage, printing, and scanning. You can also use House of Clouds as a virtual business address.


A monthly coworking membership at House of Clouds starts at 210 Euros. If you want to add a sign for your company, you will need to pay another 20 Euros each month. For 24/7 access, there is a one-time 100 Euro setup fee.

17. Unicorn Berlin AEG2

Unicorn Berlin AEG2  is another one of the premier coworking spaces in Berlin. Set on the border of the city’s Mitte and Wedding neighborhoods, this office is perfect for digital nomads and new arrivals to the city.


Unicorn Berlin AEG2 offers both individual desks and team spaces. There are also meeting rooms available for rent, parking, storage, and a quiet room.


If you’re working remotely in Berlin, you can reserve space for five or more people at Unicorn Berlin AEG2 for 330 Euros per desk, per month. There are also additional services available for additional cost.

18. BETT

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing home base while working in Berlin, BETT is an attractive option. This flexible coworking space in Schöneweide started by a group of design students is the perfect backdrop for productivity.


BETT offers both single desks and spaces for teams to work together. The converted brewery where BETT is located also doubles as an event space.


Pricing at BETT varies depending on a number of factors, including how many people will be occupying the space. Contact the team for a free quote.

19. CoWoS Schöneberg

If you’re moving to Berlin and looking for flexible office space, CoWoS Schöneberg is an ideal solution. This coworking office is located in the city’s lovely Schöneberg district and has everything you need to be efficient at work.


CoWoS Schöneberg offers single desks as well as private and team offices of various sizes. There are meeting rooms available for rent, and virtual office services can be purchased as well. All members have 24/7 access to the facilities.


A single desk at CoWoS Schöneberg starts at 140 Euros per month, while a single office costs 990 Euros per month. Team office pricing is customized based on the number of workers who need to be accommodated.

coworking space in berlin

20. Mitosis Coworking

Mitosis Coworking in Berlin’s bustling Neukölln neighborhood is another wonderful space. This flexible coworking space has a variety of services for digital nomads and recent arrivals in Berlin.


The amenities at Mitosis Coworking include 24/7 access for members, a floating desk, a locker, and use of the printers and scanners. There is also a meeting room that can be reserved by members.


A monthly membership to Mitosis Coworking costs 202 Euros per month.

21. District One Coworking

If you’re looking for a flexible desk in a coworking space or an office for your startup or small business in Schöneberg, District One Coworking is an intriguing choice.


District One Coworking offers single desks or team spaces. There’s also a meeting room that is accessible to members, and several lounge areas for relaxing or group discussions.


If you are looking for a “hot desk” in Berlin, you can choose between two membership options at District One Coworking.

With the first option for 190 Euros a month you can use a desk 10 days each month.

And for 290 Euros you will have your own dedicated desk. Team office pricing depends on how many people need to be accommodated, so contact District One Coworking for more details.


22. Regus – Unter den Linden

Regus – Unter den Linden offers shared spaces to work in Berlin, including both single desks and team offices. This shared office space is quite upscale compared to less expensive options.


The amenities at Regus – Unter den Linden include coworking desks, private offices, and meeting rooms. There are also virtual office services offered.


A virtual office at Regus – Unter den Linden costs 122 Euros per month, while a coworking membership starts at 339 Euros. Team office space starts at 360 Euros per month, per person.

23. D36 Coworking Space

D36 is another one of Berlin’s best coworking spaces, thanks to its wonderful location. This buzzing shared office sits at the junction of the city’s Mitte and Kreuzberg areas, an ideal location.


D36 has both single desks for rent and shared spaces for teams. All members have free access to the meeting rooms, printers, and tech equipment.


The prices at D36 vary depending on which desk or shared space you choose.

Memberships for a single desk in the open workspace start at 180 Euros per month, while a desk within a private office starts at 450 Euros per month.

24. B+office

Kreuzberg is the setting for B+office, another excellent option for shared office space in Berlin. This bright, open office provider has both single desks and spaces for teams to work together.


B+office offers both single desks and private offices for one or more people. Members have access to the kitchen and lounge.

There are also virtual office services available.


The prices at B+office are extremely flexible compared to many Berlin coworking spaces. You can get a day pass for just 14.71 Euros.

There is also bulk pricing available: 5 days for 60 Euros or 10 days for 110 Euros. A monthly rental of a flexible desk is 160 Euros, and a fixed desk costs 239 Euros a month.

25. Regus – Friedrichstrasse 88

Working in Berlin is easy when you have the right offices pace. Regus – Friedrichstrasse 88 has a variety of options for digital nomads and startups looking for upscale work spaces.


The amenities at Regus – Friedrichstrasse 88 include single desks and private offices for one or more people. There are also meeting rooms available for members.


A single desk at Regus – Friedrichstrasse 88 starts at 170 Euros per month.

You can also pay slightly more for a private office, depending on size and availability.


Now that you have a bird’s eye view of the top coworking spaces in Berlin, you will be able to make an informed choice before you ever set foot in the city.

Above all, relocating to Berlin is an ideal choice for tech workers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, since the city is home to some of the top startups in Europe.

We wish you every success in your new endeavors!

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