Sam Soni is an exceptional expat. Originally from Canada, Sam has built a career in law that has brought him around the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has been his second home for two years now, where outside of work, Sam makes the most of what this buzzing city has to offer — be it cheering on friends in a swimming race around the iconic Burj Al Arab or simply enjoying a coffee near home in Dubai Marina.

The hassle

Not so out-of-the-ordinary was his search for a housing solution in the UAE. Having moved to a new city more than once, Sam was familiar with the hassle that comes with moving into an unfurnished apartment. From buying furniture to setting up billing for utilities, there surely would be new headaches and time lost.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Like many expats in Dubai, Sam was on the hunt for a home near the office. So he first set out looking for a short-term rental in the interim. More specifically, he was looking for a central location within the city. A lease that wouldn’t hold him down for more than a year. Ideally, he was hoping to find a home that would be easy to move in and start living right away.

Sam’s search on local listing sites came up short. “I don’t want to be in someone’s basement,” he said to himself.


The solution

Sam came across Blueground’s homier offerings while searching online. He immediately saw the difference that a premium furnished home provider can offer. Sam is also an individual of exceptional preferences. For him, keeping up an active lifestyle also means being able to take the stairs and start the day by walking straight out the door. Blueground’s detailed and transparent apartment listings in Dubai stood out, as he was able to quickly shortlist his ideal homes based on building and floor.

hassle-free living dubai man sitting at a circular table looking at his phone next to the window

As a professional on the move, Sam appreciated how “extremely convenient” it was to not have to deal with arranging electricity, water, and Internet during the first hours in his new home.

“Blueground really takes the additional work out of the equation.”

Furthermore, when comparing annual rent for other apartments in Dubai, Sam found that Blueground’s price point was attractive and competitive considering the furnishings and services that are included.

By move-in, Sam was truly home. “It’s a nice one-stop solution, down to the cutlery”. Rather than just the “bare bones” found in previous properties he rented, Sam was pleasantly surprised by the subtle and conscious decor choices made by Blueground from the books to softer lighting.

“You can move in and not have to worry about anything.


The service

What really won Sam over though, was the guest service experience. After years abroad, he had gotten used to a mixed bag of customer service experiences that hadn’t always delivered on the responsiveness he’d expected. Even getting the minimum help was a real hassle.

When it came to requesting assistance from Blueground, he found a solution-oriented mindset that put the guest first. Sam recalls from his Blueground experience, “Not only a quick response… but the quality was there.”

During the first week at his Blueground home in Dubai Marina, Sam put in a request with Blueground’s Client Experience team to rectify a home comfort issue. A member of the team quickly returned his weekend phone call. Client Experience scheduled three different technicians over the next two days to come through to ensure the apartment was up-to-scratch, consulting with Sam along the way.

hassle-free living dubai man stands on a balcony wearing sunglasses and overlooking Dubai skyscraper

Sam truly felt he was left with “something that was pleasantly unexpected”. He looks back on the experience noting that the team was understanding. They even went the extra mile to find multiple solutions.

“It was a positive experience from start to finish”.

“Client Experience’s mandate is built on making our guests feel at home — it comes down to someone’s safety and comfort, and we take pride in making sure it’s a perfect start in a new home (and often in a new city) and a great experience going forward, ” shares Angeliki Kalagasidi, CX Team Lead for Dubai. “We do this through attentive listening, empathetic understanding and working hard to arrive at the best and most efficient solution. We value our guest feedback and see Client Experience through the lens of excellence.”

Sam valued the “one-stop solution” as a turnkey apartment, but also being able to process payments online and reach out for support through the Guest App. Whenever he has needed his apartment serviced, Sam has been able to book a cleaning appointment directly through the app.

Sam initially saw his time with Blueground as a temporary housing solution while looking for a new apartment. Now he has instead found the ideal housing provider that suits his needs and flexibility. Joining a growing proportion of Blueground’s tenants, Sam is now confident that wherever in Dubai work takes him next, there will be a Blueground home for him nearby.

hassle-free living dubai living room in an apartment managed by Blueground with a view of Dubai

With over 450 fully furnished, “move-in ready” apartments across Dubai, Blueground is changing the way that expats relocate. Both to the UAE and move between homes. The choice is yours. From well-appointed studios Downtown with views of the Burj Khalifa, to expansive two-bedroom homes in Marina just steps from the beach.

For exceptional professionals on the move, Blueground is there to welcome you home in an exceptional way. All without the hassle.

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