Globally, mobile employees regularly relocate for business reasons that call for longer stays. Whether it’s a special project, training, or gaining a leg up on the competitive career ladder, corporate apartments are a savvy accommodation solution. It’s typically the amenities that make corporate apartments stand apart from regular rentals.

Additionally, they are conveniently located in desirable neighborhoods with easy access to business hubs, airports, and public transit.


What is corporate housing?

Let’s say you’re an employee of a company that is heading to a different city to open a new office.

Or perhaps there’s a project abroad that will take multiple months to complete.

In cases like these, accommodation would be arranged for you ahead of time, in the form of a corporate apartment. The space would be furnished and equipped and move-in ready.

Therefore, you can arrive and get straight to work. Designed with professional employees in mind, they are the home base during business travel.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Staying in a hotel is fine for short periods of time.

However, long-term they just doesn’t provide the ability to get settled.

Also, there’s a lack of certain amenities that are required to feel truly at home.

For instance, having a real kitchen to cook and eat in. That is, rather than dining out every night or storing take-out boxes in the hotel room mini fridge.


Corporate apartment amenities

Corporate apartments come with flexible terms for the duration of stay.

Often, bonus building amenities are part and parcel of their draw.

Overall, they provide every must-have amenity for a move-in ready temporary home.

Key corporate apartment amenities include:

  • Fully-furnished units
  • Equipped kitchens
  • Linens and towels
  • Serviced guest support 
  • Dedicated workspaces
  • Premium home tech 
  • Connected utilities and WiFi
  • On-site fitness center and laundry services
  • Doorman

Spotlight on equipped kitchens

People choose corporate apartments for their location, affordability, flexibility, and of course – convenience.

One of the most essential conveniences is having a fully-equipped modern kitchen. Well stocked kitchens provide cookware, utensils, tableware, and top-range appliances.

It’s much easier for employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they have the facilities to cook at home, especially for those with special and restricted diets. For a corporation, costs can be cut with less dining out expenses to reimburse.

Spotlight on serviced guest support

Corporate apartments are professionally managed and the property providers also support the tenant’s transition into a new neighborhood, offering services such as transportation solutions, housekeeping, virtual guides, and grocery delivery.

A man in a blue suit and tie with a laptop bag hanging from his shoulder speaks on the phone and smiles. Behind him there are 2 large escalators in the background.

This helps take the unpredictability out of a stay in a new city. Household services can be scheduled to free up more time to focus on work and help keep employees on top of projects.

Having this support on hand for busy professionals speeds up the relocation transition.

Spotlight on workspace

It’s crucial to have a dedicated workspace in a corporate apartment. A fully-furnished corporate unit provides desks, chairs and meeting areas connected with WiFi, ready for working from home.

Not only does this elevate productivity, but having separate working and living areas also makes it easier to switch off after work.

This way, tenants can avoid it encroaching into their downtime and personal space.

Ideal for remote workers, a well-designed work area in a corporate apartment is a great alternative to renting a desk in a separate coworking space.

In fact, premium apartments and corporate housing often have a business center as an added amenity, equipped with photocopiers and even conference rooms that can be rented by residents. 

Corporate apartments that feel like home

Elevate employee performance and overall satisfaction by picking the right type of accommodation.

Above all, offering more of a homelike feel, corporate housing is everything a business professional needs for a comfortable and convenient residential stay. The key is attention to detail. Corporate apartments provide everything you would expect to find in your own home.

For instance, furniture, housewares, linens, amenities, utilities, WiFi, and cable TV. 

Blueground corporate apartments go above and beyond of what’s typically offered by corporate housing providers. The contemporary design from a dedicated interior design team, streamlined online booking process and flexibility to switch apartments on the same lease, and more.

A direct connection to the Client Experience team is made through the Guest App as soon as you have secured you’re booking. This app offers apartment info, scheduled cleaning, maintenance support, and a neighborhood guide.

For living solutions that feel like home for global business professionals, Blueground’s apartments can help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s a smart studio in the city or a two-bedroom apartment in an upmarket suburb. 

Corporate apartment in NYC with style

This ideally located apartment is situated in the heart of the bustling Financial District, close to Wall Street and One World Trade Center. It’s a stylish studio that features skyline views of the city’s iconic skyscrapers, custom-designed furniture, and premium wireless speakers. Those working in the fast-paced finance firms and tech corporations by day will enjoy laid-back, easygoing weekends in this historic neighborhood.

The cobblestoned Stone Street Historic District is dotted with many of New York’s most renowned restaurants and is better savored at a slower pace.

A small wooden table with two brown leather chairs on either side. There is a painting of a cactus above the wooden table and to the left is a standing lamp.

Corporate apartment amenities included:

  • The residential gym makes it more convenient to keep up a regular fitness regime 
  • An on-site garden provides some much needed green space in the concrete jungle
  • A washer and dryer, a luxury in NYC, makes going to the laundromat a thing of the past

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Corporate apartment in San Francisco with space

Enjoy ample living space in this roomy one-bedroom apartment located in the up-and-coming Dogpatch neighborhood. The expansive unit features a king size bed, a walk-in closet, in-unit laundry, and the perk of an on-site gym.

Many of the city’s coolest new business and tech-start-ups are based in the area, with a vibrant foodie scene and cultural community to boot.

stylish corporate apartment living room decorated by Blueground

Wellness tech firm Ouva and small business support platform Gusto are based here, with established tech giant Uber opening its Mission Bay HQ nearby in 2020. 

 Corporate apartment amenities included:

  • Air conditioning for that temperamental SF weather
  • Four-legged friends are welcome to stay at this pet-friendly apartment 
  • You’ll be walking distance to 22nd Street Caltrain and the Third Street Muni Line

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Corporate apartment in Chicago with flexibility

The contemporary decor in this one-bedroom apartment compliments the spectacular views of The Loop’s modern metropolitan architecture. This central business district is home to the city’s top-earning corporations.

Online food delivery service GrubHub, United Continental Holdings, and ad tech and software company Centro are all based here. Residents can enjoy must-see landmarks and cultural hotspots such as Millenium Park and the Downtown Theater District.

And living in this luxurious apartment with bespoke finishes offers the flexibility to extend a one-month minimum stay to a year or more. 

A big white couch against a dark grey wall under a mirror. There is a white circular table against the far wall with two chairs on either side. There is a large feather decor piece in the corner next to the table.

Corporate apartment amenities included:

  • A doorman offers security and general assistance with daily tasks
  • The roof deck in this building provides coveted outdoor space for sunbathing or socializing
  • Premium wireless speaker and Smart TV for streaming entertainment at a moment’s notice

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