Successful branding is what creates lasting recognition among consumers and makes something a “household name”. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when customers think of a need or desire related to your brand. Unfortunately, one of the misconceptions of business today is that when it comes to branding, consumer branding is all that is needed.

The truth is that both corporate and branding, coupled with consumer branding, is what catapults businesses toward success. Implementing both is easier to do from the business headquarters where plans and goals are formulated and strategies are carried out. But how does employer branding continue when employees are relocated? Is there a way to continue carrying out branding initiatives when working apart from the main office? Read on to find out.


Using extended business trips for branding advantage

The first step when attempting to use extended business trips as a branding advantage opportunity is to truly understand what employer branding means. The employer brand is your company’s reputation as an employer. So, employer branding is simply the process of creating and continually promoting the employer brand. Having a strong employer brand communicates to job seekers that your company is a great place to work, thereby attracting top candidates. 

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Employer branding doesn’t just keep the company’s name, products, and services at the forefront of customers’ minds. It also influences the quality and volume of candidates that apply with you. Presenting your company as a desirable place to work will help you attract the attention of top talent.

In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, 75% of candidates conduct research about a company’s reputation before they apply for a job. The survey found that if the company has a bad reputation, 69% won’t apply for the open position. That speaks volumes about the importance of developing a good employer branding experience. In addition, according to Glassdoor, more than half of all online job seekers read reviews before deciding to apply for a job. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. During extended business trips, there are three key steps that can be taken to ensure that the employer branding continues and expands.

Empower employees to be brand ambassadors

Existing employees are your greatest resource for getting the employer messages out to the masses. However, this cannot happen unless they are given the go-ahead to make it happen. Of course, this only works if your employees are already engaged in their work and are passionate about the company. One good way to empower employees to spread the word is to simply communicate that you want more great people (like them) to join the team.

A furnished apartment in New York City that is managed by Blueground. There is a grey couch in front of a dark green accent wall. On the couch are some pillows and in front of the couch is a coffee table with a yellow book. In the corner of the room there is a green velvet chair with a pink pillow.

Encourage them to post on their favorite social media channels and tell the world about where they work and where work takes them. This isn’t a challenging task anymore thanks to the convenience of creating content and posting on the fly. Therefore, even extended stays or relocations would not interfere with serving as a brand ambassador. A blog post on a workshop in another office or specific outcomes from a meetup are great occasions to showcase the dynamic nature of your employee’s work.

Additionally, there are certain relocation solution providers to consider like Blueground, that provide comfortable accommodations to give your people the necessary environment for creating great employer branding content. Empowering your designated brand ambassadors who are on an extended business trip to represent your company is the first step in generating a positive employer branding experience. 

Keep your employees informed

One Glassdoor study found that when employees refer their friends to their company, those referred candidates are 2.6–6.6% more likely to accept a job offer. Unfortunately, there are still many businesses that do not share such information with their employees and instead choose to keep company details private. Rather than keeping everything behind closed doors, all particularly good, positive developments, should be shared with your employees.

This is because keeping employees in the dark, (especially those who are being temporarily relocated) reduces employee engagement. It also increases company gossip, employee insecurity, and it definitely kills any chances of developing loyal brand ambassadors. 

Give employees the right tools

When employees are on an extended business trip, make sure that they have all the tools they need to serve well as your company’s brand ambassador.

A group of four employees are walking together through the airport together wearing suits and professional attire. There are two men and two women. They all have suitcases with them.

Make it as easy as possible for people to “shout from the rooftops” all the reasons that their employer is the best. At a minimum, your employees should have:

  • Laptop computer, tablet or other necessary digital devices (and of course access to the Internet)
  • Access to the company blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Access to other affiliate blogs or pages  
  • Allow the necessary time for those employees who will be posting or blogging to create great branding messages

The more that gets shared, the better. Ideally, the online buzz will create a snowball effect on your business. In fact, according to Smarp Communications, “one employee share generates about four clicks on Facebook on average.” Provide everything your employees will need to create, publish, and repost on a frequent basis during their time away from the main office. Make sure that all of your employees know the company-wide hashtag and how to access all available resources. In fact, in order to serve as great brand ambassadors, some employees on extended business trips can even post online daily.

Keep the rhythm going

Just because some of your employees are abroad, it doesn’t mean that your corporate branding has to suffer. These employees can stay at comfortable accommodations and continue to generate a lot of chatter regarding their employer. Updates from speaking at trade shows and conferences or recap interviews from business trips can be very engaging pieces of content.

A man wearing a dark suit and a yellow tie walks down a ramp wheeling a brown suitcase behind him.

Employer branding can continue with specified employees crafting sensational articles, blog postings, and utilizing social media to connect with thousands of quality job candidates. By empowering relocated employees, keeping them informed, and giving them the right tools, your employer brand will continue to reach more and more people seeking a company like yours.

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