Furnished Rental Advantages

Relocating to a new city, state or country can be an extremely daunting task. One way to ease your stress about the new transition is to make sure your housing situation is taken care of before arriving.

While some people may think that an unfurnished rental would provide more freedom, it will actually limit you in the long-run. Unfurnished spaces will require the time and initial investment to buy everything from furniture to dishware. At move-out, there is also the time spent trying to repack, and to resell your furnishings for below your purchase price.

Consider moving into a furnished rental instead - there are countless advantages to doing so.

Blueground Benefits

Extra amenities (Varies by building):
Doorman, swimming pool, fitness center, sundeck, lounge, etc.

If you are a frequent mover or travel often for work you know how to pack wisely to maximize your space and minimize what gets lugged around. Renting a furnished place means you won’t have to worry about getting all the necessary equipment and furniture. Between the washing machine, refrigerator, couch, and TV, there are endless things to think about when furnishing an entire place from the ground up. Alternatively, with a furnished rental, everything in your new home will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you walk through the door. It’s not only the big things that are inconvenient but the little things as well. Small touches and various amenities that are part of a home won’t be available in an empty space. Endless trips to the hardware store, the linen section of the department store and a kitchenware store are likely not how you envision your first days in a new city.

Financially, it is always a much better choice to rent furnished. When you arrive in your new home you can simply unpack your suitcase and take a nap rather than worrying about how much it will cost to get a mattress and a bed frame for your new space. Hotel stays over two weeks start to get costly and increasingly less cost-effective compared to an apartment. Living in a high-quality, furnished apartment pays for itself in terms of rental expenses but also the richness of experiencing city living as a local.

For those that are pressed for time, a furnished apartment is ideal. It creates a hassle-free situation, where all you have to do is show up and start living. When it comes to a Blueground apartment there are various benefits included that go beyond just comfortable and upscale accommodations. Every furnished rental is located in a vibrant area, in a secure building and come fully serviced. The spaces are completely move-in ready and are equipped with modern day essentials, such as high-speed internet, kitchen appliances, and even a Smart TV.

In addition, on-demand cleaning, and maintenance are offered through the mobile application with just the click of a button. Customer support staff are always available to help with any questions or concerns that may arise during a guest’s stay. The flexibility that Blueground provides is unmatched. Tenants even have the option to move around within the city. For instance, if you’re enjoying Manhattan but are interested in exploring other boroughs in New York City, head over to Brooklyn or Queens where your next furnished Blueground rental is waiting.


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