Have you ever wished you could pack a suitcase (or two) and work from different cities all over the world? Of course, if you’re a Blueground guest you’re already doing this.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

It has never been easier to embrace life as a digital nomad, as long as you choose the right place to stay.

No one understands the importance of a move-in ready home away from home better than Abigail Akinyemi, a Blueground guest and new brand ambassador!

Introducing Abigail

Last year, Blueground partnered up with three other brands – App In The Air, Public Goods and Deskpass – to give one lucky remote worker the chance to upgrade their 9-5 routine.

Abigail will be staying in furnished apartments around the world, spending one month in six cities over the next six months.

Blueprint will bring you monthly updates on her adventures. We’ll keep you posted on what Abigail is up to and where she’s headed next.

As she set out for the first leg of her trip, Abigail sat for a brief interview explaining why she’s so passionate about exploring the world.

Dispatches from the Road

Here’s what Abigail has to say to all of our faithful blog readers as she embarks on her six-month journey:

Hello everyone! My name’s Abigail, and I’m a NYC-based creative for my brand The Lady Who Travels.

I’ve been solo traveling for over a decade and love to experience different cultures, try new foods, and see what life is like worldwide.

I’m known for always being on the go, but make no mistake — I’m not searching for anything. The adventure is truly in the journey.

Across all of my platforms, you’ll find my musings on everything that fills up my beautiful life.

Abigail is living in a fabulous Blueground furnished apartment in Copenhagen right now. Stay tuned to find out everything she recommends seeing and doing in Denmark’s capital.

Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for all the latest on her adventures!

Even better, pack your suitcase and get busy traveling yourself. When you’re a Blueground guest you only need to bring your personal items and a thirst for adventure.

Our move-in ready apartments have comfortable furniture, appliances, linens, and everything else you need to feel at home.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Blueground has move-in ready furnished apartments all over the world. When you stay with us, it’s a cinch to explore a new city on your own terms.

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