In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea”…and at Blueground, we couldn’t agree more. There’s so many reasons why someone falls in love with the City of Lights. From its lively river banks and picturesque streets to the cultural touchpoints in its exquisite museums, galleries and corner cafés. There is no doubt that Paris is one of the most attractive and romantic destinations in the world.

What happens though when you find yourself stuck in a different Paris that doesn’t look or sound familiar. A Paris under “confinement.  For 55 days, Parisians couldn’t leave their homes without a government permit explicitly stating their essential task, be it grocery shopping, going to work, or even an exercise stroll. During uncertain and difficult times like these, the importance of having a place to call home becomes even greater.

Blueground guest

Agathe Guerrier

We sat down with our former guest, Agathe Guerrier, who made the most of this tremendous hardship. She found comfort in Blueground’s reliable and trusted furnished housing when her casual visit to the city became a nearly five-month stay.


Merci, Agathe, for taking the time out to share your Blueground living experience with us. Let’s start off by hearing a bit about yourself and how you got here.

I am from Paris, but haven’t lived in the city for more than 13 years (or at least haven’t intended to). I am in marketing, as a strategist. I spent 10 years in London and then I decided to move to Los Angeles, in the US. I’ve been living there since 2016. I was back in France to renew my US visa in between jobs, and the lockdown happened. I found myself stuck in Paris, as I wasn’t able to get on the flight I had booked to LA. I had just joined a new company and found myself needing to start a new job in Paris, but on US time.

Wow! That can be very challenging. How did you settle in?

Oh well! The most interesting thing is that for two months, I was living in my childhood home. 

And then Blueground comes along?

Exactly! When lockdown lifted, I was keen to get some space of my own. I was between subletting a friend’s flat, booking an apartment on Airbnb, and Blueground. 

Living room in Paris

And what led you to settle with us?

In the new ‘remote work’ environment, there’s a lot of pressure on the home concept to be functional and reliable both as living and working space. With that said, I was looking for an apartment that could be both a home and a workplace. 

The decision to go with Blueground came down to a recommendation of a friend from LA. Along with the knowledge that I would be able to rely on a support team if anything comes up, I felt that I would have more guarantee renting with Blueground.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Glad to hear that! Has your friend also stayed with Blueground before?

Actually, two of my friends have stayed with Blueground in Los Angeles for shorter or longer durations over the last two years.They live between Amsterdam and Los Angeles for a mix of professional and personal reasons.

Happy guests are our best ambassadors. What do you enjoy most about living in a Blueground apartment?

I really liked the apartment! It was very functional and decorated with sobriety. What I appreciated the most though was the customer support. The on-the-ground team was always available and happy to help. Hatem, Lucas and Elodie are just great. Especially during uncertain times like these, it’s really important to have someone that you can rely on. 

Blueground Bedroom in Paris

Kudos to our Paris team! Has your ‘relationship’ with home, or use of your apartment, changed during déconfinement?

As we’ve been able to go out and meet with friends, the focus has been less on the flat itself and its functionality, and more on the location. An added bonus for me of staying in this apartment was that it enabled me to discover an area of Paris (the Sentier) that I didn’t know well. It’s now pretty high up the list of my favorite neighborhoods in the city! 

Agathe’s favorite Parisian spots – Check them out! 

2020 has changed everything. From the way we communicate and travel to the way we work and interact with each other. The COVID-19 crisis and the stay-at-home orders have resulted in millions of people changing their relationships with their homes, as well.

Nowadays, the lines between home, work and play are more blurred than ever. That’s where we come in. Blueground’s thoughtfully-equipped homes are here to help you navigate this new reality. Because times can be uncertain, but home should never be. 

Trust Blueground with your next long-term or short-term furnished stay in Paris, and feel safe and comfortable to focus on the things that matter most!

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