Apartment starting to get a bit messy? At Blueground, we understand that keeping your home spotless requires a lot of time and work.

If you’re staying in one of our fully furnished apartments, a home cleaning is the perfect way to reset while you relax.  

And it’s just a click or tap away!

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

So leave the cleaning to us, and enjoy more time to live your life and explore your surroundings! 

Keep reading to find out:

  • What’s included in your cleaning
  • How to schedule one today
  • And more great details!

What does Blueground’s cleaning service include?

Cleaning supplies in bucket

Clean and dust floor, surfaces, and appliances

Noticed some dirt on the ground? Smudges on your fridge? Let us make your apartment look like no one’s lived there yet. 

Remove trash and recycling

Our team takes out the garbage, so you don’t have to. Time for a fresh start! 

Clean and sanitize bathroom

We totally get it. This may be the least fun chore there is at home. Leave it to us to get your bathroom back in tip-top shape. 

Clean kitchen counter, sink, and stovetops

If you’re a master chef, a messy cooking space can prevent you from wanting to whip up homemade meals.

Your only responsibility?

Figure out what’s next on the menu. 

How can you book a cleaning?

A man with dark black hair wearing a white shirt and a denim jacket and brown pants is sitting on a grey couch in front of a wooden coffee table. He has on black shoes and is wearing a watch. He is in the middle of using the Blueground Guest App on his mobile phone.

It’s all right at your fingertips — two easy ways to book either a one-time service or regular cleanings.

  • Once you’re a Blueground guest, you can download the Blueground app and schedule your cleaning directly on the app.

Open in Android

Open in iOS

  • Or email us at cleaning@theblueground.com with the desired date(s) and times of your cleaning. We’ll then schedule the cleaning for you — as soon as two days from the time of your request.

Do you need to be home during the cleaning?

a grey sofa

Absolutely not! 

Our cleaning crews are carefully vetted professionals. 

With your permission, they’ll use their keys to enter and clean your home with their own equipment. 

Of course, you can be in your apartment while they clean. Or feel free to schedule the cleaning while you’re not even there. 

Enjoy less stress and less mess

dinning table in a furnished apartment

No matter which of Blueground’s 27 cities you’re staying in, there’s so much to see and do. 

Why waste your time cleaning when you could be exploring?  

Let us help keep your home pristine, so you have more time to enjoy work, play, and discover! 

And don’t forget to also take advantage of the many benefits and discounts we offer while you stay with us — like these six guest perks that are too good to miss.

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