Almost everyone picked up a new hobby or two during quarantine, but some bold entrepreneurs used this downtime to create new businesses.

Sarah Abouelkhair and two friends, Abdelrahman Khaled and Yasmin Ammar leveraged their boredom into 2oolameme, the wildly popular meme-based board game that has captivated Egypt over the last year. Sarah shared some of her valuable insights about entrepreneurship and creativity with Blueprint:

“We had no experience in game design at the time, but we were very lean in our approach and really listened to our customers and adapted quickly. We launched our first game a week after we first had the idea. All in all, we only created 100 units to start, and they sold out in no time! So, we started getting feedback from the people who bought, quickly modifying the game, and restocking a better version. We repeated this process so many times and by the third round we were selling around 1,000 games per launch within minutes!”

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Sarah attributes the game’s success to its shareability — everybody loves memes! — and never tires of seeing what 2oolameme players will post next. “A lot of our social media posts are user-generated, and I love all of them! It’s just fun to see how everyone plays the game and puts their own twists into it. People seem to also love posting about 2oolameme. Our Tik Tok hashtags collectively have over 100 million views.”

Since 2oolameme was so successful, it was only natural that Sarah and her cofounders would keep their creative energy flowing. “”We actually launched two other games after our first hit game, 2ool aw E3mel and 2olly. Our team grew and now we’re around 11 people and we even got our own office!”

Sarah is in the process of earning her Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Design.

Also, she’s currently living in one of Blueground’s turnkey furnished apartments in New York City so that she can focus on both her business and her studies without the hassles that come from renting an apartment the traditional way.

“I love sitting on my balcony every morning, which is also facing the sunrise — my favorite time of day! I enjoy drinking my tea and pondering over the city skyline. It makes me feel alive. The studio is also so nicely designed and has everything I need, so it made my settling in much easier.”

In just a short time in the city, Sarah has come to love New York. “So far, I’ve really enjoyed the gardens in Dumbo overlooking the NYC skyline, it reminds me of the New York City you see in movies.

I also love Zooba, which is an Egyptian restaurant that opened in Lower Manhattan.”

fully furnished living and kitchen in a blueground apartment

Blueground’s mission is to help people feel at home wherever they choose to live, and supporting entrepreneurs like Sarah is at the heart of what we do.

Whether you’re in the process of starting your own business or just dreaming about it, flexible living lets you focus on your work and seamlessly move wherever your idea takes you.

Blueground’s turnkey furnished apartments in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America help dreamers, explorers, and anyone craving a change of scenery find beautiful new homes.

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