In everything we do, we strive to help our guests ‘show up and start living’ – from a seamless check-in process to a move-in ready furnished home to walk into. But we know ‘living’ doesn’t end there. Our Blueground homes are thoughtfully situated across 13 major cities around the world so that our guests can experience the sights and sounds around them. Book an NYC Blueground and drive two hours outside the city to the majestic beauty of the Catskills; driving 2 hours and 20 minutes outside of your Blueground LA home, and you can sleep under the desert sky in Joshua Tree; a quick 1-hour drive outside a Seattle Blueground and you can enjoy a day trip of hiking trails, wineries, and view of Mount Rainier at Bainbridge Island. Or a half-hour drive outside any of our major US cities and you may be that much closer to your favorite mega Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s!

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The possibilities are endless, and we know our guests are busy professionals that work hard during the week and want the comforts of independence and mobility that fit their lifestyles. That’s why we are excited to include Getaround to our growing list of every day, on-demand service partners that together serve to transform the Blueground guest experience.

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With Getaround, guests now have the chance to book any kind of vehicle they want that is conveniently located nearby, by the hour or day. No lines or key exchanges. Simply reserve your car, unlock, and go in the instant you need a ride.


Getaround is available in more than 300 cities around the world and used by over 5 million users, and is just about the coolest experience out there. But you won’t know until you try it….so how does it work? 

  • Sign up and search: Quick and easy verification gets you on our network and browsing cars fast.
  • Book a car: Reserve cars, trucks, convertibles, and vans near you–by the hour, or by the day. Getaround’s online car sharing or peer-to-peer car sharing service allows guests to book cars from power hosts, and hosts to share their cars for payment. 
  • Unlock and go: Getaround Connect® technology helps you locate and unlock the car with your phone. It’s as easy as that.
  • Living made easier, and it’s good for the environment: Car sharing reduces parking stress and the raw material used in car manufacturing. That’s good for your neighborhood and the environment.

Getaround’s also uses a similar process and its signature technology to allow hosts to share their cars.


From essential errands to weekend trips, guests now have the chance to feel like they really are at home in their Blueground cities – and on their own terms. Just a few of the benefits of getting going with Getaround include:

  1. Keyless entry: Book instantly and unlock with your phone. No need to meet the host to exchange keys.
  2. Variety: Get the perfect car, truck, or van for your errands, vacation, commute, or road trip.
  3. Convenience: Reserve cars on demand by the hour or day from convenient pick-up locations in your area.
  4. No membership: No subscription or monthly membership fees. Pay only for the time you need.
  5. Insurance included: All Getaround® trips are covered with insurance and 24/7 customer support.


We know all these months at home can be tough, and the modes of travel we’ve grown used to (planes & even everyday public transport) can be a challenge for many. So we want to give our guests the chance to venture out safely – either alone or in their own bubbles – so they can find new ways to show up and start living with us. So book your next Blueground for a month or a year, and rest assured you’ll be able to soak in the great views from your window, as well as outside of it.

Blueground partners with Getaround and other forward-thinking, convenience-minded companies that help our guests get even more out of their experience with us.

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