Moving to a new city can seem like a big leap into the unknown, but only if you don’t know what to expect. For Lorraine Petel, part of making that transition smoother was by finding a furnished apartment from which she could get to know her new city and to jump into work straight away. 

From her private pad in Hollywood, Lorraine discovered that it is possible to find comfort and security to enjoy your first week in LA. In Lorraine’s case, she recognized Blueground’s furnished apartments as more than just a quick and temporary solution. It meant she could find her place in Los Angeles without committing to one neighborhood forever.

Read on to learn more about what value Lorraine finds in signing to a two-year(plus) furnished apartment lease with Blueground.Blueground Guest


Hi Lorraine! We’re so glad to have you as one of our guests in Los Angeles, and we’re honored to learn more about your move to the city. Would you mind starting off by introducing yourself?

Sure, I’m originally from Miami Beach, Florida. For a living, I work in radio, hosting my own radio show (you can find it here) as well as being a producer and a music program director, among many many other things in the radio industry. I wear a lot of hats!

So neat! LA is the entertainment industry’s beating heart after all. Before moving into your Blueground home, were you already specifically looking for a furnished apartment?

Yes, I was. I lived in London for about 3 years before moving to LA a year ago and didn’t have any furniture. I also didn’t know what neighborhood I wanted to commit to here at that time. I wanted a place that allowed me to figure out where I belonged in LA, and a furnished apartment gave me that flexibility where I wasn’t tied down to anything, but it still felt like a home I could settle into for a period of time.

That’s actually something we hear quite often from our guests. How did you first hear about Blueground?

Quite randomly! I was very determined to find a furnished apartment in LA so I could transition into the city easily. After loads of research and a lot of Google searches, Blueground came up and what would be my future apartment said it would be vacant when I needed it, and here I am!

Yes! Blueground offers a lot of choices in LA, and apartments become available all year around. Can you tell us a few things you enjoy most about living in a Blueground apartment? 

Of course! I enjoy the flexibility of living in a Blueground apartment. I also love that everyone at Blueground has been super understanding, communicative, and professional from day one. It’s been really easy to work with everyone. 

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

So glad to get that feedback! We’re always looking for ways to better serve our guests. What about inside the home, itself?

Having everything ready when I first walked in the door was a super big plus as well! It made me feel less anxious about moving to another new city as I didn’t have to run around for weeks scheduling furniture deliveries and spending most of my time putting together my apartment. I unpacked my suitcases and immediately started to find my footing.Furnished Apartment


So, you moved into your Blueground apartment last summer and will be staying with us for just over two years. As a hospitality provider in 2020, we have to ask; how have you adjusted to more time spent at home this year?

It didn’t take long for me to adjust as I was freelance before the pandemic and worked from home a lot of the time anyways.

 So, you’re used to having an office at home. And when you’ve turned off the mic and closed the laptop, what do you enjoy most about living in LA? 

Moving from London, the ability to get in your car and go anywhere has been one of my favorite things. Also, being from Miami Beach, I have missed the ocean so much, and it’s been really nice to have the Pacific right around the corner. LA reminds me a lot of Miami. I think they have a lot of similarities and LA naturally just felt like an extended piece of home immediately. 

Oh yes, to be by the water! And you’re actually living in Hollywood. Was your choice of neighborhood for work purposes?

With the neighborhood, I thought it was a good location because it’s in the middle of everything! I can hop on over to DTLA quite easily, but can also cruise down to the beach in almost the same amount of time.

Los Angeles

Photo by Martin Péchy

And not that we want to see you leave your Blueground home soon, but any future plans?

I am planning on buying my first home after I leave this Blueground apartment! Because of the flexibility, Blueground has given me, along with stability of calling this place my home, for the time being, I’ve had the chance to figure out how to transition into a more permanent space with my own things.

Lorraine’s favorite spots around LA:

  • Easy-going fare right at Santa Monica Beach: Little Ruby

Blueground has a furnished home waiting for you in your next city. Settle in with peace of mind knowing that furnishings, utilities and friendly guest support are here for you — and get down to exploring your new home!

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