Many adults today need help cosigning an apartment lease. This is especially true in expensive cities like New York and San Francisco. A cosigner is someone who would be responsible for paying your rent if you’re unable to do so. They don’t have to live in the apartment with you, but their name will be on the lease.

Depending on your relationship with your potential cosigners, it might take considerable effort to convince someone to help you. You’ll likely have to show that you can afford your rent despite falling short of the landlord’s initial requirements. Regardless of how close you are, your cosigner will want to ensure you’re prepared to take care of your living expenses (without their help).


Who should you ask to cosign?

Most of the time a parent or close friend would be willing to cosign a lease. Although there are significant risks that come with the task. They’re possibly taking on the financial burden of paying for your apartment. So first, you need to be sure that they could actually take on that debt. You don’t want to end up in a situation where neither you or your cosigner can pay the rent. You’ll both be named on the lawsuit when your landlord sues.

You also have to consider the personal side. If you couldn’t pay the rent, how would this change your relationship with your cosigner? Even if you know that you would never take advantage of someone and force them to pay your rent, a number of things could still go wrong. For example, you could lose your job and then be unable to pay rent for multiple months in a row. Obviously this could create tension between the both of you. It’s best to discuss every possible scenario you can think of with your potential cosigner, to make sure that nothing will come in between your relationship.

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If you want to avoid the worry of having to find a cosigner, you’re better of renting an apartment from Blueground. All properties are fully equipped, beautifully furnished and ideally located. The whole rental process is completed online and all you need to bring is a suitcase. Everything else in the apartment has been set up, connected and is ready for you on move-in day. When renting without a cosigner, tenants can pay upfront, in installments or on a monthly basis.


Finding a cosigner in NYC

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Real estate in NYC is known to be incredibly expensive, making it extremely difficult for some people to find a decent apartment that they can afford. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Find a cosigner who can lend a helping hand if things get tough and you find yourself unable to pay the rent.


Finding a cosigner in Los Angeles

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So many people dream big and work hard to be able to live in the City of Angels. What some are surprised to find out is that rent down the beach isn’t always that affordable. That’s when finding a cosigner in L.A. is a great option. Having that extra security will make both you and your landlord more comfortable because you’re both secure that rent will always be paid (in case of any emergencies).


Finding a cosigner in San Francisco

The multicolored houses in a row in San Francisco that is called the Painted Ladies. The street goes up at an angle and there are trees in front of the homes with a blue sky behind them

Renting an apartment comes with all sorts of background checks and screenings. You may find that you don’t qualify for all the requirements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rent that beautiful apartment you saw online last week. Using a cosigner in San Francisco is an alternative way to move into the home of your dreams. 


Finding a cosigner in Washington, D.C.

A man wearing a white shirt and black glasses and holding a tablet sitting at a kitchen table ready to sign a paper that is on a clipboard in front of him. Near his right elbow is a brown mug. Behind him are some white kitchen drawers with a brown countertop

The road to renting an ideal apartment is often paved with plenty of obstacles. In Washington, D.C. for instance, there is a very competitive rental market. Meaning, it’s difficult for young people with no credit/poor credit to qualify for an apartment. Given that landlords want financially stable residents that are able to pay the monthly rent on time, finding a cosigner in D.C. may be the only option.


Finding a cosigner in Chicago

A woman with a grey suit jacket and black glasses is holding a pen and smiling as she sits across from a woman with black hair wearing a black shirt. They are looking at some papers on the table in front of them

Although landlords strive to rent out their apartments, they are still selective. Typically, they’re looking for tenants who have proof that they have the means to pay rent on time. Unfortunately, not everyone has a squeaky clean credit history or a high enough salary. So, this is when finding a cosigner in Chicago can really come in handy.

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