It’s no secret that the cost of living varies from state to state. In some cases, it can even vary from city to town. This can make it incredibly challenging to find a place to live, and you may be asking yourself, “How much apartment can I afford?”

You may not always have a choice when it comes to deciding where to live. If you’re like most people, you may find that you go where the work is. If you have the ability to work from home, that can open up a world of possibilities. This seems to be the way a lot of companies are going, but it’s still not an option for everyone.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Of course, you may also be deciding where you want to live based on other factors, such as cultural options or proximity to certain landmarks or areas. No matter how you decide where you want to live, answering the question “how much apartment can I afford”? is important.


Different aspects to consider

When it comes to finding an apartment, there are numerous factors that you’ll need to consider. The first is how much you have to spend. This will more than likely be your biggest expense. Thus, you want to make sure you get a place that you’re happy with and that you can afford.

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It’s also important to realize that different states and neighborhoods will have variable rents. If you are going to school and want to live near the campus, this will probably cost you more than living a bit further out. If you want to live downtown to be close to your work, this could potentially cost a lot more than a place in the suburbs.

It’s up to you to decide where you want to live and whether or not you can afford it. Whether you are single or have a family, contacting a company like Blueground can be incredibly helpful. Blueground has a variety of places to rent for different budgets and might be located in your ideal neighborhood. They have a growing list of apartments across a number of US metropolitan areas. Favored for short and medium-term leases, the homes come fully-furnished which means that you won’t have to spend upfront for furniture and moving costs.


How Much Apartment Can I Afford?

What can I get for $700?

If you’re single and looking for your own place, you might consider getting a single bedroom apartment or a studio apartment. If you have a budget of $700, you might not be able to get much. On average, the state with the lowest rent is West Virginia, and there it hovers around the $800 mark.

This, of course, is an average, which means that it can always go up or down depending on the size of the space and where it’s located. You may be lucky enough to find a single bedroom or studio apartment for around $700.

This can be beneficial in places like Iowa, Wyoming, or Indiana. Or who knows? You may get lucky and find a place for $700 even in California, which usually has the highest rental prices. Their average rent is a little more than $1,900. However, they could have a small space on the outskirts of a big city or in a smaller town that will fit into your budget.

What can I get for $2,500?

Having a larger income or a combined family income of $2,500 for an apartment will open up more options for you to choose from. Even in California, this may be enough to get a spacious place in a decent neighborhood.

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In some states, it may even be enough for a person to rent a house, which will definitely open up more options for the living situation. However, when renting a house, you will probably have other responsibilities you’ll have to take care of. This might include maintaining the lawn. If this isn’t something you are interested in doing, then you’ll need to keep an eye open for apartments where maintenance costs are shared by tenants.


How much apartment can I afford?

Finding a place to live can be a challenging task. Prices vary widely from state to state and even from city to city. What may seem affordable in one place isn’t in another. Having more income increases the options you have. However, if there isn’t a chance of making more money, then there are other considerations.

As expected, smaller apartments, including studios and one bedrooms, will be cheaper than larger ones. Finding a place further away from desired destinations, including college campuses and downtown, could make them more affordable. It may not be a lot of fun to commute every day. However, if the city has good public transportation, it could make the process convenient.

To help reduce expenses, you may also consider getting a roommate. This can also be beneficial in a variety of other ways, including having someone to hang out with. If you are new to a city, they may be able to show you around.

Knowing how much you can afford for an apartment is important. This is usually your largest expense. Therefore, you want to make sure you are getting something that you will enjoy living in and that fits into your budget.

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