Life tends to throw us a few curveballs. Between evolving work situations, college classes going online, medical emergencies and other intricacies, being tied down to a yearlong lease can be outright aggravating.

For others, month to month leasing is key for the inherent flexibility offered in an evolving life situation.

Those who rent month to month know that their temporary housing solution will be available for precisely the period they need and often are willing to pay a premium for that freedom.

Signing to a monthly lease is the easy part — finding one can be hard.

Our advice is to keep your Google searches broad by searching for monthly sublets, month to month rentals and temporary accommodation. Searchers often look to Craigslist sublets, Leasebreak and even Airbnb.

Because month to month apartments are less common to come by than long term apartments, you may be expected to compromise on location, precise apartment amenities and price.

But not always!

See our top picks for furnished month to month apartments in a Blueground city near you.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.


Why rent month-to-month and where to look?

The prime selling point in renting month to month is the ability to move out at a moment’s notice.

All in all, given rapidly evolving restrictions from the current health pandemic and its effects on where you need to be, not being tied down to a yearlong lease is a lifesaver.

Often with clauses to give 30 days’ notice to your landlord, an annual lease leaves you having to transfer the lease or paying out a penalty or extra rent to the property owner.

With a month to month rental agreement, you can renew incrementally every few weeks based on your needs.

The caveat, however, is that another tenant could “book you out” of your subsequent weeks if you hold off too long.

As such, working with a larger month to month apartment provider, like Blueground, means that in such a scenario, you’ll still have the pick of a furnished home of a similar size and in a comparable location.

Others value the ready-to-go nature of month to month temporary housing. These short term apartments rented on a monthly basis typically have all of the essential furnishings you’d need to arrive and start life without spending time moving in or acquiring new furniture.


The advantages of month to month rentals with Blueground

Fully furnished rentals tend to get a bad wrap. Assumptions of heavily worn, perhaps stained furniture, and substandard upkeep are not without reason, however, they don’t apply across the board.

Blueground offers premium furnished apartments available on leases starting at just 30 days, decorated and serviced by a professional local team.

Discover how you can rent month to month, while being treated like a guest instead of as a transient renter.

Utilities are up and running, and billed through Blueground so there’s no delay in having a hot shower or WiFi — and no additional hassle in dismantling those services on move-out.

Best of all, all apartments are bookable online, ahead of your arrival so that you don’t have to worry about being in-person to tour and hand in documents. Your monthly lease can also be extended online or by app without signing new paperwork in person.

Take note that Blueground’s monthly rent is calculated based on your estimated length of stay. Already sure that you’ll need it for 3 months? Secure the best rate (and additional peace of mind) by booking in a longer-term stay that fits your calendar.


Month to Month Leasing in NYC

nyc furnished living room

It all starts by renting month to month, until you absolutely fall in love with this two-bedroom home in Midtown West and stay for a full year!

Overall, we love the spaciousness and smartly curated furnishings in this Manhattan pad at Instrata. Fully bookable online, you can show up to this turnkey apartment with a space that truly feels like home from the moment you step in.

No wonder business travelers favor these furnished rentals in NYC as an alternative to corporate housing. This modern build includes pool and gym access as well as doorman service to receive shipments and assist you with day-to-day errands. View Month to Month Apartments in NYC »


Month to Month Rentals in Chicago

dark blue couch with coffee table

Don’t call it a Chicago sublet, especially once you’ve seen this adorably decorated Loop one-bedroom apartment at the Fisher.

So you can rent this light-filled apartment right by Jackson L starting at just one month, with all furnishings and local guest support included.

The living room is framed by the building’s impressive arches, while windows just below the ceiling bring light to even the furthest corners of this Chicago home. This pet-friendly month to month rental also includes gym access and doorman service downstairs. View Month to Month Apartments in Chicago »


Month to Month Rentals in Los Angeles

corner angle of queen bed with green wall

A month to month one-bedroom in Los Angeles that feels a whole lot bigger!

This furnished monthly rental in Museum Tower is right by Civic Center Metro and offers plenty of room to cook, entertain, hang out on your balcony and relax in bed. An on-site gym and pool round out this DTLA condo in addition to a pet-friendly designation should a four-legged friend join you!

Don’t forget that when renting with Blueground, you can also enjoy guest perks and exclusive discounts for grocery deliveries, dry cleaning, parking and more. View Month to Month Apartments in Los Angeles »

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

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