Looking for an apartment can be a stressful experience. This stress can increase even further if you aren’t currently located in the city you are planning to move to. Whether for a longer-term stay or for a temporary one, working with a real estate broker to find an apartment can be beneficial. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. Being familiar with a city is advantageous when it comes to finding an apartment. You’ll have the chance to know which neighborhoods are ideal and which ones are located close to the amenities you need. When you live in the city, you have knowledge of where public transportation is located. You also know the best ways to get from one place to another.

However, if you aren’t currently in the city, you may not have this knowledge. It’s possible to develop knowledge over time, but the keyword here is time. You may only have a limited amount of time to find a place and move. If that’s the case, then working with a real estate broker can be helpful. Below are some other advantages to this relationship.

Reduce the amount of time to find an apartment

On the surface, it seems like looking for an apartment is pretty straightforward. You have a list of the things you need, so you do some research. You can look online or in the local papers for places. When it comes to the actual search, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that.

Several factors come into play when looking for an apartment. These include the local market conditions, what you are looking for, and how your qualifications as a renter look. Where you want to live also makes an impact. If you are looking for an apartment in an area where a lot of college kids want to live, you may not be able to find anything you like (especially around the start of the school year).

If you’re moving to a place that has a lot of rental options, it may be easy to find a place in a few days. On the contrary, if you are moving to a place that has a limited supply of apartments, it could take you much longer to find a place. There may also be a lot of competition for better apartments.

When working with a real estate broker, they have the ability to help with all of these factors. If you’re working with a person who knows the rental market well, they should be able to get you several options to check out when you give them your list of wants and needs. 

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They may even ask you about your credit history and get that information pulled before you head out to check out spaces. This can reduce the application process and get you into an ideal place before anyone else. Since they know the city really well, they’ll be able to get you into the best neighborhoods that are close to the amenities you want and need.

A broker should also be able to get you through any background checks or screenings that might be required by the landlord. That will reduce the amount of time you need to take to find a place and move into it.

They have a more flexible schedule

Working with a real estate broker to find an apartment means that they will dedicate their day to helping with this task. It’s more than possible for you to accomplish this on your own. However, finding the time to schedule meetings with the landlord to view the place could become challenging. 

The broker should have access to the place at any time. They will work with you and get you in to see the apartment when it works for your schedule. This can be helpful if you have limited time or a crazy work schedule that makes it difficult to get away.

They have a large network and database

In addition to knowing the local housing market, a broker will often have a large network and database of properties to choose from. Looking for a place using online or paper resources may limit the potential properties. Working with someone who has an ear close to the latest listings (some of which may never get published) opens up more possibilities of place to live.

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The broker may even have a list of potential broker apartments on their website. They may also be listed on other sites too. This gives you the opportunity to browse the places online before deciding if they are worth looking at. This is also beneficial to landlords, who may not have time to market their apartments and coordinate open houses on their own.

It’s a great way to reduce stress

Moving to a new place can be incredibly stressful. There are so many things to consider and do. Finding a place should be easy and as stress-free as possible. Working with a broker can help with that endeavor.

Alternatively, you can go the “simplified route” by going with a furnished housing provider like Blueground. They have experience working with tenants and landlords in places all over the world. Their selection of furnished homes along with their simple online booking process is well suited for apartment hunting for short stays of 30 days and longer stays of a year. They work with landlords in various areas to supply you with fully furnished apartments that are close to universities, corporate HQs, and major transport hubs. You are able to sign a lease directly with them, however you may also find that many brokers are likely to recommend them as well.

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