Boston is one brainy city and you don’t need to look much further than its listing of some of the highest ranked universities in the nation. With such an emphasis on education, students flock to the area to further their studies with many settling later here to work. With so many people moving to the area, it’s important to stake out your apartment near Boston’s university and colleges. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. While Harvard is one of the most well-known schools in the area, it’s not the only one. There are many institutions each renowned for their own respective study programs. MIT is in the area, as is Boston University, Tufts University, Boston College, Brandeis University, and Northeastern University, among others.

Living close to campus has many advantages. Since most students and faculty may not have their own transportation, they need to be able to get to and from their homes with ease. This could include taking public transportation, riding a bike, or walking. In addition to being able to access campus, students also favor being close to nightlife and leisure options.


What are Boston’s off-campus student housing options?

  • Self-organized year-long leases with a private landlord
  • Subletting (by semester typically) from a student or a sabbatical rental
  • Moving in under an existing lease to fill a roommate vacancy
  • Furnished housing (like the premium apartments offered by Blueground)


When is the best time to look for student housing in Boston?

Simply put, the best time is straight away. It’s safe to assume that leases for apartments in student areas will come up at the end of the Spring semester around May or June. Another hot period is the beginning of August and September for landlords who are used to renting to students at the beginning of their Fall semester. Do consider the trade-off of securing your dream student accommodation in Boston though you may be locked into a year-long lease (with potential losses from failure to sublet the apartment over the summer).

When looking for Harvard apartments or apartments near MIT or any of the other schools, Blueground has you covered. They offer a variety of places to stay that are fully furnished and ready to move into. Especially advantageous for many college students, who are leaving home for the first time. Two-bedroom apartments are suitable for those looking to live with a roommate. No matter where you want to live, Blueground has apartments that are close to things that are important to you, such as campus or restaurant and bars. They have dozens of apartments around Boston that are available for the start of the semester, as well as mid-semester. Below are some of the apartments available in close proximity to Boston’s best schools.


Apartments near Harvard and MIT in East Cambridge

There are many options available in East Cambridge, which will appeal to students and faculty who prefer to be close to campus. 

One-bedroom apartment on Ames Street

blueground apartment in cambridge boston living room and bedroom

This apartment is in a European-style walkable neighborhood. It is home to a diverse group of families and professionals. This area is great for students because it only requires a few T stops to get downtown and it is bordered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Kendall Square.

Apartment specs

  • WiFi ready on arrival
  • Google Home
  • Fully equipped kitchen including tableware
  • On-site gym

When students aren’t studying, they have the opportunity to check out the local art scene. The neighborhood is also close to many coworking spaces and schools, so there is an intellectual vibe. 

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One-bedroom apartment on Child Street


With a location walking distance to the Hult International Business School, this one-bedroom apartment near North Point Park sets up its university-going tenant up for success. By moving into a furnished unit, an arrival from out-of-state or abroad is all the smoother with all house items ready on arrival. Building features include a gym, a doorman, a library, a city view, and it’s pet-friendly.

modern styled living room in an apartment in Boston

Apartment specs

  • Direct access to T line stations
  • Google Home provided by Blueground
  • On-site bike storage and repair tools

The complex is also located close to campus and public transportation. The neighborhood is a diverse mix of families, students, and professionals. The building’s library with fireplace is a great place to get some studying done and to make connections and friends with others who live in the area.

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Apartments near Boston University

Two-bedroom apartment in Brighton

blueprint blueground Harvard apartments apartments near MIT apartments near Boston University clean living space with shiny wooden floors and modern decor

Part of the college experience is meeting new friends, and having a two-bedroom apartment is a great way to do that. This spacious apartment between Boston University and Boston College will allow roommates enough space to study but plenty of opportunities to hang out. This apartment is a great year-long or semester-by-semester student accommodation option.

Apartment specs

  • WiFi
  • Widescreen TV and wireless speaker
  • In-building laundry facilities
  • On-site bike storage

This neighborhood is thriving and full of a diverse population of scholars and families. Trusty Brighton neighbors on hipster Allston meaning you’ll find a mix of affordable restaurants and lively pubs. When a student is looking for some downtime after studying or on the weekend, they’ll be able to find it in the area.

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One-bedroom apartment on Clarendon Street

blueground apartment in boston living room with lots of light 

Living in Back Bay will give a student a central location to access many schools in the Boston area. This apartment benefits from a very walkable location, being close to the Charles River, Boston Common, and Public Garden. There are many shopping and dining options in the area, and it’s an ideal place to get outdoors. Fresh air is just what students need after a long day of studying.

Apartment specs

  • Pet-friendly
  • Indoor parking
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bike storage
  • Roof deck

The area is home to many professionals and graduate students, so it has a business and scholarly feel. Living at One Back Bay allows you quick access to Back Bay station as well. Students have the ability to access other parts of the city and make it to campus in no time at all.

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