Have you just moved to a new city for school, and you’re finding dorm life lacking? Maybe you’re a graduate or professional student who would like a little distance from classes, or you prefer living alone and self-catering to communal life. The search for student housing doesn’t have to be a hassle!Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.When you move to a new city can be a little overwhelming, but it’s a lot easier when you have a fully furnished turnkey apartment. Blueground guests can show up in town and start living their lives, rather than worrying about details like connecting utilities or buying linens. All you need to focus on is your studies!

Here’s a look at how to find student housing in Blueground’s 15 markets worldwide.

Student Housing in Europe and the Middle East

Are you moving cities or even countries to further your education? Blueground’s turnkey furnished apartments are a wonderful alternative to overcrowded or noisy student quarters.


With a population of over three million and 16 research universities, Athens is home to plenty of students. If you’re attending the National Technical University of Athens — better known as Athens Polytechnic — you can easily find a furnished Blueground apartment within walking distance of campus.

Panoramic view of the city of Athens Greece.

Students at the University of Athens (formally called the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) will also be spoiled for options among our inventory of studios and one- and two-bedroom student apartments in Athens that are perfect for sharing.


There are 19 universities in Dubai, and an ever-growing population of students — many of them from overseas — arriving for classes each year. Are you one of the thousands of students furthering your education in the UAE? Finding a short-term rental where you can live alone or with roommates gives you more flexibility than traditional student housing.

Whether you’re studying at the American University in Dubai, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology, The British University in Dubai, the American University in the Emirates, or one of the city’s other schools, you’re sure to find suitable student accomodation in Dubai with Blueground.


The UK capital is home to a whopping 91 colleges and universities and is thus a magnet for talented students from around the world. Living in London is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re looking for comfortable digs outside of the dorms, a furnished apartment that’s close to campus but not in the thick of the action is as ideal choice.

Square in London

Our portfolio of hundreds of furnished apartments in London has you covered, with options all over the city. Are you studying at Imperial College London? We have lovely turnkey homes in South Kensington. University College London scholars can opt for one of our comfortable studios or one- and two-bedroom apartments in Fitzrovia.


Paris is home to an impressive number of institutions of higher learning — 64 at last count! The city’s rental market is notoriously difficult to navigate, even for students. Blueground’s furnished apartments throughout the city are an elegant alternative to crowded dorms or cramped shared apartments.

Are you enrolled at ENS Paris, the Sorbonne, the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, or any of the other wonderful schools in the City of Light? Consider one of our apartment rentals in Paris, many of which are located in the center of the city and let you hop on the Metro to classes.


Stately and beautiful, Vienna is also home to 29 universities that accommodate students from around the world. Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate degree or undertaking graduate studies, this metropolis on the Danube has a lot to offer.

Panoramic view of vienna

Students at the University of Vienna will love our furnished Vienna apartments in Innere Stadt or Josefstadt, where you’ll be just a few minutes’ walk from campus. Are you enrolled at the Vienna University of Technology? Blueground has wonderful studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments in Landstraße and Mariahilf.

Student Housing in the US

Our housing options in cities across the country give the dorms a real run for their money.

Interior view of a student apartment in the US


When you arrive in Austin you may notice signs around asking you to “Keep Austin Weird.” Texas’s capital is a liberal bastion in a sea of red, so it’s no wonder that the city is home to several notable colleges and universities. Our studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments offer more flexibility and privacy than traditional student housing.

Students at the University of Texas – Austin, St. Edward’s University, or Concordia University Texas will want to consider a furnished Austin apartment from Blueground as an elegant alternative to the dorm or living outside of the city.


Students from around the world come to Boston to pursue higher education. It’s no wonder since there are 44 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. Whatever you choose to study, you’ll find yourself immersed in a sea of fellow students. A Blueground furnished apartment in Boston proper or nearby Cambridge might give you the peace and quiet you need to hit the books while the rest of the world is partying.

Panoramic view of Boston

Our studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments are located throughout the greater Boston area, which means you’ll have options within walking distance of campus if you prefer. For even more on student digs in the area, check out our guide to student housing in Boston.


Chicago is home to 58 colleges and universities, attracting talented students from around the world. The Windy City is an exciting and dynamic place to live, thanks to a diverse population and robust public transportation. Our studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments are ideal for students since they offer privacy and fully equipped kitchens so that students can cater for themselves.

Blueground’s furnished apartments in Chicago are located throughout the city, which means that you have a variety of options to choose from wherever you’re enrolled. Even if you’re enrolled at Loyola College, which is situated in the north part of the city, it’s easy to hop on the Metro and get downtown to experience the hustle and bustle of city life.


The Mile High City is teeming with students, thanks to the 20 colleges and universities in the greater Denver area. It’s a wonderful place to get an education and has a lively culture thanks to the proximity of the Rocky Mountains and all that nature has to offer.

University campus square in Denver

Students will find a variety of furnished apartments in Denver that are ideal for maximizing study time. If you’re enrolled at the University of Denver, for example, check out our listings in University. When you live off-campus and cook for yourself, you are less likely to be distracted when it’s time to buckle down. Our studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments all have fully equipped kitchens and fast Wi-Fi.

Los Angeles

Sunny Los Angeles is home to 37 colleges and universities, including the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the University of Southern California (USC). Both of these schools have massive enrollment, so the search for student housing in Los Angeles can be a challenge.

Our furnished apartments in Los Angeles are a fantastic alternative to student dorms. Blueground has studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments throughout the city and surrounding area, making it easy to choose a new home based on your unique lifestyle preferences.

New York City

Thousands of students arrive in NYC each fall, making the competition for student housing quite stiff! In all, the Big Apple has 94 colleges and universities throughout its five boroughs. The city itself is huge, so proximity to campus isn’t the only consideration for incoming students. A furnished NYC apartment offers a lot of advantages over traditional student housing, including the ability to self-cater and save money on a meal plan.

Arch monument in NYC

If you’re looking to live alone, one of our studios or one-bedroom apartments in Brooklyn or Manhattan might be perfect for you. Blueground also has two- and three-bedroom apartments for anyone looking to share space — and expenses! — with a roommate or two. For even more about finding a student apartment in NYC, see our guide to off-campus housing.

San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area has 17 colleges and universities in all, including the University of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco State University. While some students choose to live on campus, others prefer to branch out a little more. After all, San Francisco is a legendary city in its own right.

If you’re on the lookout for student housing, our furnished apartments in San Francisco are a wonderful alternative to the dorm. Our flexible-term leases are also ideal for anyone doing a summer internship in Silicon Valley since you can rent for as little as 30 days or up to a year or even longer.


The Emerald City is renowned for its beauty and proximity to nature, but the city is also a magnet for talented students. There are 16 colleges and universities in and around Seattle, which means an influx of talented students each fall. Our studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments in Seattle are ideal for students who are seeking an alternative to on-campus housing.

Panoramic view of the Needle in Seattle

If you want to experience everything the city has to offer while you’re in school, consider a furnished apartment in Seattle. Blueground has a presence throughout the city, as well as in the nearby cities of Ballard and Bellevue. When you choose a flexible lease you have the freedom to choose your dates, not to mention cater for yourself in a private apartment that includes a full kitchen.

Washington, DC

The nation’s capital has its fair share of colleges and universities — 39 to be exact! While it can be exciting to live in official student housing like dormitories, many students prefer the comfort and privacy of a furnished rental in Washington, DC. When you live off-campus, you experience more of the city outside of the student bubble.

Since DC is home to so many great schools, the competition for housing can be stiff! American University and Howard University, both located within the city, have large student populations. Since DC has a wonderful public transportation system, you could choose to live in a different neighborhood altogether and still get from your apartment to your classes in less than an hour. If you’re attending Georgetown University, our apartments in Georgetown are an elegant alternative to the dorms.

Furnished bedroom in a blueground apartment

Are you ready to upgrade your living situation? Prioritize comfort and flexibility with a Blueground apartment that fits your lifestyle. We’re in 15 markets worldwide! Our beautifully furnished homes with thoughtful extras have everything you need to feel at home in a new city on day one.

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