Studio apartments have been having their moment for a while now. With more and more people wanting to live in cities, increasing rent, and a greater number of people living alone, this is a logical consequence.

But how do you live big in a tiny space?

Studio apartments are usually small and self-contained and a single unit contains all the essential rooms found in a regular apartment without any barriers of walls or divisions.

To some people, this may seem like an odd concept. Having your whole apartment in one room is indeed a challenging adjustment. Especially if you’ve been used to living in a spacious house your whole life.

But it does, in fact, include so many perks and it gives you a ton of creative freedom.

With clever organization, the inventive use of furnishings, throwing in some plants, and diving into some DIY, your space will quickly feel like home.

Covered in this article:

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Best Studio Apartments in Chicago

For the budget-conscious Chicago renter, one question frequently asked is where can I get the most bang for my buck?

The city has a lot to offer in terms of rentals but generally, smaller apartments are a cheaper option.

green velvet sofa with kitchen in background

This is particularly true for the city’s renters who seek both sustainability and comfort.

Living in a popular neighborhood like Lincoln Park, Lakeview or the Gold Coast can be possible if you look into renting a studio apartment in Chicago.


Best Studio Apartments in San Francisco

People who strive to live in the Bay Area often worry that they won’t be able to because of the sky-high rent.

While this may be true in the sense that it’s expensive to find the apartment of your dreams, you still have the option to reside in a stylish studio.

Living in a small space means keeping your space clear of clutter.


Best Studio Apartments in New York City

NYC is notorious for its small spaces. Living in studio apartments is no longer synonymous with cramped quarters.

Today, NYC studios come in various shapes and sizes – and don’t disappoint!


Best Studio Apartments in Los Angeles

Whether you’ve got a view of the Pacific Ocean or of Downtown, a comfortable and cozy studio in Los Angeles will meet your every need.


Best Studio Apartments in Washington, D.C.

The Nation’s capital has many diverse neighborhoods. Explore the various corners and hidden gems this historic city has to offer.

After a long day, head back to your sophisticated D.C. pad that provides all of the comforts of a home away from home.


Best Studio Apartments in Boston

exposed brick loft living room

One of the advantages of renting a smaller studio in Boston is that they are often located near the things you find interesting or the amenities you desire.

From restaurants and cultural venues to bars and clubs, you are often within walking distance from everything you need.

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