Finding a place to live is not always easy. Anyone who has ever been a student attending college in a new city knows this fact. As do business professionals being transferred to another city.

Fortunately, with the rise of digital media, there are plenty of methods to secure a place to stay. These include online apartment listings, Airbnb, and sublets.

The problem with renting your own apartment is that depending on the city, the cost of living can be pricey such as in New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

Airbnb comes with its own set of challenges as well, which includes the fact that many apartments are now legally prevented from operating as rentals.

So, the average person has to start subletting, which can actually be really useful if done properly.

Fortunately, Blueground exists to make your subletting experience much easier. Consult the extensive list of fully-furnished and equipped apartments that are waiting to be rented for one month, one year or even longer!

If you need to shorten or extend your lease after moving in, it’s absolutely possible.

Or perhaps you are in one neighborhood but would like to try living in another. With Blueground you’ll get to live in the home of your dreams without a long-term commitment.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.


The benefits of subletting

Before you start looking for sublets, it is important to know why they are important.

Unlike when you rent your own place, many of the apartments that are available for subletting tend to come fully furnished.

Meaning, you will not have to lug everything you own halfway across the country or go out and buy an entirely new set of furniture upon arrival.a mix of empty open cardboard boxes and closed cardboard boxes that have been taped up. There is a large masking tap and tape holder sitting on the top of one of the boxes. Subletting also allows you to get settled into a place for only a few months.

Basically, all leases require a minimum commitment of six months, with many of them requiring at least a full year.

However, if you are someone who will only live in the city for three or four months, then it puts you in a bit of a tricky situation.

Therefore, being able to sublease a place that is already being rented by someone else is great because it allows you to pay for only as many months as needed. You will have no obligation to fulfill a certain length of a contract.

Now let’s discuss when is the best time to start looking for available sublets.


Avoid the summer

While renting and subletting markets regularly ebb and flow, there are certain periods that are routinely bad times to attempt to secure a place in a big city.

So that’s why, unless you absolutely need to, you shouldn’t attempt to find a subletting opportunity in the summer.

There are numerous reasons for this, but the biggest reason by far is because of college kids. The beginning of the summer is when many young adults tend to move back to their hometown or come to a new city for a couple of months.

All in all, it won’t be just you and a few other people looking for subletting. There will likely be hundreds of people all looking for the same thing. This competition could end up leaving you with a very subpar place.

The end of the summer is not much better, unfortunately, because that’s when all of the college kids who left the big city during the summer start to return in preparation for the next semester of school. So once again, there will be you and hundreds, if not thousands, of young adults searching for similar subletting opportunities.


Winter is best

When it comes to the time of year that you should be looking for a sublet, winter is generally the best option.

Above all, when wintertime rolls around, all of the college kids are in the middle of a semester, so the chances of them searching for some subletting is slim. This lack of competition means you will have a much better chance of scoring a place in one of the better neighborhoods of your preferred city.

A woman wearing a black sweater and a plaid yellow and red scarf is standing outside in the snow and making her hands into a heart shape. In her hands she is holding some snow, creating a heart shape with the snow.

Seasonally, if you’re in a city where it gets cold, Winter is a good time for other reasons. It provides a good way to see how an apartment would function in the cold, or other extreme elements.

While visiting, you’ll be able to get a sense of the ventilation and heating situation.

Let’s say that a tenant and landlord are having issues and the tenant would like to move out as soon as possible. Some landlords will tell a tenant that they have to honor the remainder of their contract, which means that they will be in a hurry to start subletting it to someone. This is a situation that can happen during any time of year.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

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