It is pretty common to hear that someone is in between jobs. However, it’s much more surprising to learn when somebody is in-between homes. Well, there are actually thousands of people out there every year who fit this description. Largely, this group is made up of students, foreigners, and business professionals. Whether they are moving across town, across the country, or across the world, they often find themselves in a situation where they need a place to stay for a short time.

Locals also need temporary housing throughout the year. Reasons can vary from natural disasters to simple home renovations. Otherwise, there may be personal circumstances like a divorce or staying close to a loved one who is currently undergoing medical treatment. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. Whether they need a place for a month, six months, or even a year, they will need to locate and secure some form of temporary housing. If all else fails, keep in mind that there are still several alternative options. 



By now, a large proportion of the world has either stayed at an Airbnb or at least knows the brand name. This extremely popular company provides a service where individuals can rent rooms or entire houses when traveling. 

The benefit of Airbnb is that these are regular apartments and homes, which are available for an undetermined amount of time. Whether or not this is a good option for an individual’s temporary housing completely depends on how long they will need the space. While some Airbnbs allow the space to be rented for several months at a time, there are many others that restrict users to only renting for a maximum of a month. Users will have to take a look at the app when they are trying to locate their temporary housing and see which units are available for longer rental periods.

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Airbnb tenants of more than 28 days must be aware that they’ll have to pay on a monthly basis. A first month’s payment is held at the booking time. Subsequent months are due at the beginning of the next 30-day rental period. 

Airbnb’s only have a partial or strict refund policy. If renters end up not needing the space for the original length of stay, there is a chance that the user could lose a large amount of their prepayment. These are important factors that users will need to pay attention to before booking an Airbnb.



Blueground is a real estate tech company that offers convenient temporary housing in many major cities around the world. From Dubai to Los Angeles, the apartments all come fully-furnished. They are also always located in sought-after areas to provide guests with the most convenient living situations.

A large wooden bed frame with white sheets, a pink blanket and multicolored pillows sits in front of a dark green accent wall. The bed sits next to a large glass window with a view of some tall buildings

Whether the individual is looking to stay for one month, one year, or even longer, Blueground is the best choice. Unlike Airbnb, Blueground offers a pay-what-you-use method. This allows renters to pay their rent online every month and end the lease whenever they need to. They also have the benefit of having access to a team of professionals 24/7 via an app, who can assist with a wide variety of inquiries, including maintenance requests.

These premium apartments also typically include amenities such as on-site pools and gyms, doorman service and in-unit washer-dryers. For families, two-bedroom units are spacious and you have the option of redecorating the second bedrooms as a room for the kids.


Extended stay hotels

For those who like the appeal of staying in hotel rooms, you might want to look into extended stay hotels. These are not as common as standard hotels. However, you can always find a few to choose from in every major city.

These extended stay hotels come with the majority of the same amenities that standard hotels use. Unlike standard hotels though, the prices are generally much more affordable. This is due to the fact that they often require a stay of a minimum of 30 days.

These rooms come fully-furnished and ready for you to move in. Keep in mind though, the size of the rooms will be nowhere near that of an apartment. Instead, they are best suited for someone who will be staying by themselves and won’t need a lot of space.

If the individual has a dog, cat or other pet with them, they should probably look at other options. Many of these extended stay hotels are not pet-friendly. You can search for extended stay hotels online to bring up a list of the best-rated options in every city.

A studio apartment that has been furnished and managed by Blueground. There is a grey couch in the center of the room with a wooden coffee table in front, facing the TV. Behind the couch is a large bed and in the corner is an armchair

Whatever the reason for moving, an individual should have no problem finding their ideal housing by using the options mentioned above.

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