When searching for an apartment, some choose to tackle their house hunt by narrowing in on a list of priorities. Questions like: What kind of neighborhood is it located in? Are you moving with family, friends or alone? What’s your budget?

Working through these answers will point towards what kind of apartment is ideal for you. Specifically, these eight questions can help you discover what you need. 


Do you like open spaces?

If you like open spaces that haven’t been demarcated by walls, a studio apartment is a great option for you. Studio apartments are designed to be one large open space in which the bedroom, living area, and kitchen are all in the same area. The only separate room is the bathroom and in some instances the bedroom.

what apartment is for you studio apartment by blueground in dubai

An alcove studio apartment is another great option if you like the aesthetics of a studio apartment, but would like a bit of privacy. An alcove studio apartment is simply a regular studio with a separate, more secluded section. They are usually a little more spacious and are excellent for someone who wants extra space and privacy but doesn’t want to deal with an entire one-bedroom apartment.


Are you moving with your family or friends? Do you need a whole lot of extra space?

Duplex and triplex apartments are ideal for families or a group of friends looking for ample space. They offer the convenience of an apartment and the privacy of a traditional duplex. It’s also excellent if you’d like to keep your living area separate from your bedroom space. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities. With a duplex or triplex apartment, you can have your living area on one level and bedrooms and bathrooms on another level. They also come in different shapes and sizes. So someone who likes a spacious apartment can have a one-bedroom duplex apartment and a family can rent a two, three or even four-bedroom apartment.


Would you like to live alone?

You should consider a one-bedroom apartment if you’d like to live alone. Similar to the studio apartment, it’s ideal for housing one person. A one-bedroom apartment should include a bedroom, a separate living area, a kitchen, and at least one separate bathroom. More luxurious one-bedroom apartments may come with added features like an extra bathroom. Unlike with a studio apartment, a one-bedroom apartment’s layout is clearly delineated giving you more privacy than a studio.


Do you like high ceilings and well-lit rooms?

If so, you should try out a loft apartment. With their higher than usual ceilings, they provide an open and breezy feel, even in the busiest neighborhoods. The exact definition of what makes up a loft apartment varies from city to city.

what apartment is for you a blueground apartment with high ceilings and lots of light

Generally though, a loft is a large open space without any internal walls, very much like a studio apartment. Their characteristic high ceilings, support beams, wooden or concrete floors and floor to ceiling windows is what sets them apart. They are mostly found in old industrial buildings that have been converted to apartment buildings. However, property developers have taken note of their popularity and new builds now often include a select number of loft units.


Do you have a green thumb?

Most apartments don’t cater to people with a love for gardening. If you have a green thumb and filling your space with house plants isn’t enough, then you should consider renting what is known as a garden apartment. A garden apartment gives you direct access to the building’s back garden. They are typically found on the ground floor of brownstones and townhouses. At a minimum, seeking out a south-facing apartment will keep your plant babies happy. As an added bonus, it will also flood your living space with natural sunlight.


How do you feel about roommates?

If you are making the move with one or more people, you are probably going to need a two or three-bedroom apartment. If it’s just you and a best friend or partner, a wing two-bedroom apartment is just what you need. They are made up of two bedrooms joined by a small common space for when both of you want to bond over popcorn and a movie or just enjoy a coffee together in the morning. If you’d like more space you could go for a regular two or three-bedroom apartment. They are usually made up of bedrooms, a living area, a separate kitchen, and more than one bathroom.


What kind of facilities do you want in your apartment?

Imagine an apartment where you can just show up – straight from the airport – and start living in it, hassle-free! When you rent an apartment with Blueground, this is your reality. Every unit is fully-furnished, equipped and serviced via an app. Blueground makes finding move-in ready apartments in your city simple and stress-free. They offer everything from studios to two-bedroom apartments in cosmopolitan cities around the globe. You’re bound to find something that suits you! The hassle of setting up your new space is gone, thanks to premium furnishings, housewares, and utilities.


Do you like a great view?

For anyone who isn’t scared of heights and enjoys a great view, scoring a penthouse is an ideal choice.

what apartment is for you dubai view

A penthouse is located on the top floor of an apartment building. It’s usually the largest and most luxurious unit available in the building. In premium towers, penthouses are commonly fitted with luxury amenities like a terrace, a jacuzzi, a private entrance and more.

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