The neighborhood where you choose to stay will shape your experience in a city. So, what does that mean when you’re planning to relocate? Along with factoring in the budget and a wish list of local conveniences, feeling secure is crucial. The safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles have family-oriented communities, good schools, and minimal crime. Depending on what you prefer, you can opt to live safely in L.A. in discreet suburbs or the bustling city center.

Only you can define what must-haves are essential for living within your comfort zone. Also, keep in mind that there are several online apartment portals where you can browse through properties in the neighborhood of your choice.

Here are the eight safest areas to live in the city. 


1. West Hollywood

WeHo, as it’s nicknamed, is an affluent area situated between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The local community encompasses a melting pot of cultures where diversity is welcome. You’ll quickly discover the most exclusive streets for shopping, dining, and clubbing.

A panoramic view from above of West Hollywood. There are many buildings among the green tress with a deep blue sky above and some mountains out in the distance.

Flagship stores sit side by side with celebrity chef-run eateries on Melrose Avenue all the way to Sunset Strip.

Above all, with its vibrant nightlife scene, this is an ideal place for creative professionals. It’s easy for sociable singles to feel safe and accepted here when they’re out and about at night.


2. Glendale

If safety is your main priority, check out Glendale. In fact, it’s one of the safest places to live in the country. The local ethnic eateries and sleek shopping malls make it the go-to destination for eating and entertainment.

A large highway with many cars on it with tall buildings on either side. It is a view of Glendale, California from above.

A new era of luxury living is found in the residential serviced apartment buildings being built here. Many rentals have access to amenities like doormen and onsite fitness studios.

Popular with families, there are fun attractions nearby like the L.A. Zoo and the Norton Simon Museum. It’s easy to get active outdoors too, with many hiking, biking, and running trails on nearby Verdugo Mountain.


3. Marina Del Rey

This upscale waterside community hosts creative communities and tech businesses based in Venice. It’s one of the safest and quietest Los Angeles neighborhoods to call home.

A beach view in Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles with the waves crashing agains the side of the mountain with luxury properties along the side and a sandy beach full of people in the top left corner under a blue sky

Apartment living comes in high-end condos with serene harbor views. Young professionals enjoy the peaceful pace and lower-key nightlife that can be found here. The seaside promenades and sidewalks are very well-maintained, with a wholesome beach community to match.


4. Playa Vista

This quiet residential area is also the tech hub of Los Angeles. Startups and tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube all have offices here. It’s a safe and convenient place to live for professionals and families.  Crime rates are low in this neighborhood which has an even lower cost of living.

A large white and orange building in a complex with buildings of a similar model around with palm trees and grass on either sides

The coastal location is a big draw for renters in the area. Above all, you can find beachside entertainment here for all ages. From movies in the park to seaside summer concerts, those that love being outdoors will quickly feel right at home.

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5. Mar Vista

The unhurried Mar Vista neighborhood has a low crime rate as well. It’s a popular residential area for young families due to high-quality international schools, public libraries, and parks.

There’s a friendly small-town community vibe here that makes it easy to get to know locals on a first-name basisPeople move to Mar Vista for a low-key lifestyle. Relaxed recreational activities here can range from bowling to spending Sundays perusing the outdoor farmer’s markets.


6. Westwood

This cosmopolitan neighborhood has a safe, tight-knit community with a large student population. With its proximity to UCLA, it’s a place that many students, graduates, and young professionals choose to live in.

On top of that, it’s located nearby Bel Air, Century City, and Beverly Hills so it is easy to access and explore other areas of the city from here.  

A facade of a large red brick building in UCLA campus with a green lawn in front and a blue sky with some white clouds above on the left side

Mostly there are high-rise apartment buildings and smaller family homes. The tree-lined streets and low crime rates make it a desirable residential location.

Also, Westwood’s commercial district features budget-friendly drinking and dining options. Plus, there is a lively comedy club scene as well as movie theaters from a bygone era.


7. Beverly Hills

One of L.A.’s best-known neighborhoods, Beverly Hills is a starry suburban enclave in a picture-perfect setting.

The Beverly Hills City Hall building in California is white and blue and pink with a bell tower structure at the top and palm tress all around. There are some stairs in the foreground of the photo leading up to the entrance.

This safe and affluent area also has excellent schools. Alongside lesser-known landmarks for locals like the public library and urban parks which are a big draw for families. Though the neighborhood is a major tourist attraction, apartments here afford privacy.


Manhattan Beach

Living in this exclusive suburb comes at a high price. If you have the luxury of living here, you’ll find a safe and exceptional neighborhood. With excellent public schools and easy access to LAX, it’s ideal for families or busy singles.

Here it’s all about the oceanside activities from body surfing to beach volleyball. The upscale beach town offers a secure escape from city life without being cut off from urban activities.

A pathway between rows of houses to walk down to the ocean in the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles California

If you enjoy high-end living, consider renting a serviced apartment. Blueground offers fully-furnished and completely equipped apartments for a month, a year or even longer. Properties are all located in the most sought-after areas in the city.

For those looking for added security, many of Blueground’s apartments are located in buildings with a doorman. If there are any issues or concerns while staying in your turnkey home, you can immediately speak with a team member via the Blueground Guest App.

Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.

Through the app you can also request cleaning services and maintenance, such as pest control, should you require them. You’ll feel safe, secure, and stress-free throughout the entire stay. Best of all, every apartment comes move-in ready from day one.

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