The United States is known for its lively spirit. And with its sheer size and diversity, large events are constantly taking place somewhere in the country. National pride is extremely important, and every region has its own traditions.

However, there are a few annual events, particularly in major U.S. cities that are universally sought after. For example, Coachella, Lollapalooza, US Open, July 4th, St. Patrick’s Day just to name a few. Many visitors plan their trips to coincide with events they’d like to attend, while locals prepare themselves for these exciting days. Whether it’s a festival, parade, a national holiday, or sporting event that draws people from all over the world, these events are some of the best ways to experience a city.

In today’s world, we are usually so busy that we forget to take time off and just enjoy ourselves. One great way to do this and explore your city at the same time is to attend an event. Take your friends or family and delve into a new experience where you will create everlasting memories.


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Best Events in NYC

parade in new york city

New York City is the ultimate place to see and do everything, including some of the world’s most famous recurring events. This city knows how to pack a calendar all year round with all kinds of activities for all sorts of people. Release your inner culture vulture and discover the big apple through a colorful and exciting lens by attending the Tribeca Film Festival and Times Square on New Years’ Eve. We have listed the best events in NYC in chronological order in which they occur.


Best Events in L.A.

a couple having fun in a festival in los angeles

The rule of thumb in Los Angeles is that when you live in this city, there’s no excuse for boredom just because it’s a weeknight. There are tons of things to do throughout the year including the Kingdom Day Parades, the US Open of surfing events, and even the Academy Awards, and that’s really only touching upon the surface. Now put down that TV remote and take your outings to the next level with these L.A. events.


Best Events in San Francisco

fireworks in san francisco

The City by the Bay is home to a little bit of everything. It is especially popular for its unique culture and fun adventures. Yet, the best part is its yearly events that entice tourists and locals. No matter when you visit San Francisco, there’s always something exciting going on. Whether it’s the fireworks display at the Chinese New Year Festival and Parade or the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, it’s essentially impossible to be bored in SF.


Best Events in Boston

fireworks in Boston city

Each year Boston is a host to many special events – there’s truly something for everyone! Even if your hard-to-impress friends or family are coming to visit, there’s no need to panic because there is always some entertaining event going on. To make sure your guests leave with a thumbs-up appreciation of the city and with a desire to visit again, we’ve rounded up the best events in Boston. Some of the most popular ones are the Boston Marathon and the Harpoon Oktoberfest.


Best Events in D.C.

Paradein front of the capitol in washington dc

You can find amazing events taking place all year long in Washington D.C. There’s a wide variety of things to do spread across the city’s various neighborhoods. So, both people coming from abroad as well as locals can enjoy themselves. And while the capital city has dozens of wonderful events throughout the year, there are a few that draw the largest crowds and stand out as unique and special. Namely the White House Easter Egg Roll and of course the D.C. Independence Day Celebration. Mark your calendar for the best events in D.C.


Best Events in Chicago

fireworks overlooking Chicago's city skyline

Overflowing with diversity and tradition, there are few other cities that can rival Chicago’s rich culture and history. Over 52 million people come in and out of the city every year. For this reason, Chicago has long been a popular destination for all types of events. It is ranked as a world-class destination due to it being a metropolitan hub of culture, food and some of the best events. The Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and some favorites.

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