It’s been a long week and the only breath of fresh air you’ve gotten was during your one-hour lunch break. You’re desperate and you’re dreaming of remote, mind-blowingly awesome hikes deep in a rugged mountain range. In many parts of this world, this though is not always convenient. The U.S., however, is full of amazing hiking destinations and many of these stellar hiking spots are within or near some of America’s coolest cities. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to planning an urban getaway with enticing outdoor recreation.

Even if you are city-bound and aren’t much of an outdoors person, hiking is an activity that is definitely worth trying. Escaping the skyscrapers and breathing in the crisp, fresh mountain air has more health benefits than you know. It improves both physical and mental health and allows you to find inner peace. Being one with nature and admiring the earth’s natural beauty is one for the best ways to unwind and detox.

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Hiking Near NYC

group of friends hiking along a green path on a sunny evening

NYC undoubtedly owns some of the healthiest restaurants, gyms, and coffee shops but it doesn’t offer a whole lot of greenery within city limits. However, just a quick ride away by car, bus, or train, you can find serene pathways and some pretty incredible upstate hikes. These magical and awesome places to go hiking near NYC are home to all kinds of trails from tranquil pathways or thrilling ascents up rocky cliffs.


Hiking Near L.A.

hiking near los angeles from a distance you can see the infamous hollwood sign up in the hills

It is no secret that Los Angeles boasts an array of outdoor activities and that it’s almost always great weather to be outside. Hiking near L.A. is one of the best and cheapest ways to enjoy the Californian sun and fresh air. Even if you’re more of a reluctant hiker, there are several easier hikes that come with some spectacular sights. There are so many trails that you can constantly get a change of scenery and try out a unique route.


Hiking Near San Francisco

hiking near san francisco man and woman standing on a trail overlooking the SF Bay and Golden Gate Bridge

For the days when you feel stuck behind your desk and your eyes are starting to twitch from staring at your computer screen for too long, a hike near San Francisco might be just what you need. The Bay Area’s hiking trails promise fresh eucalyptus-scented air, open cliffs, breathtaking ocean views, lush grassy forests and of course a great free workout. So, if you feel the urge need to escape the city, take a hike in one of these fantastic locations.


Hiking Near Boston

Hiking near Boston
is a popular activity, especially because there is a wealth of trails not far from the city waiting to be explored. With all these spots to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect place to get lost for the day. In these leafy suburbs, you can discover vast parks and reserves of public lands. They include gentle hills to climb for views back at the city skyline and miles of trails along the rivers and bay.


Hiking Near D.C.

family hiking in the woods

If you’re in the mood to ditch the city’s crowds and are craving some nature, look no further. The Washington, D.C. area has multiple parks with great hiking trails, each offering scenery ranging from woodland views to mountain vistas. And the best part is that you don’t have to go far outside the city’s boundaries to enjoy the delightful greenery. You can either go solo or even take your whole family to enjoy mother nature’s gifts.


Hiking Near Chicago

hiking near chicago cement paved walkway along the chicago lakefront trail with downtown in backdrop

If you’re tired of running laps around Chicago parks, it’s time to hit the trail at one of the best spots for hiking near Chicago. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the rugged, outdoorsy type or you can barely jog for two minutes because there are hiking trails of all difficulties. Most spots are under-the-radar and are ideal settings that show off the natural Midwestern beauty for your next outdoor adventure.

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