If you have kids, it’s important to do some homework on your city’s schools.

After all, what’s more important than your children’s education? 

Desirable locations, extracurricular experiences, total costs, and language offerings — each detail is a part of the equation. To make things easy, we researched the best international schools in Berlin for you! 

This handy comparison will help gauge what might be best for your family.

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Whether you’re already living in Berlin or planning to move to Berlin soon, here’s our list of international schools in Berlin that make the grade. 

1. Berlin British School

From early education to secondary school, the Berlin British School attends to the social and emotional needs of every student, encouraging them in school and life.

In addition to academic development, attendees can participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, arts, and more. 

  • Languages: English
  • Accepting students from ages 2 to 18. 
  • Max Class Size: 20 students
  • One of the top international schools in Berlin, fees here range from €10,160 to €16,256.
  • Location: Dickensweg 17-19, 14055 Berlin, Germany

2. Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)

One of the best international schools, the Berlin Brandenburg International School seeks to inspire students to be responsible, compassionate global citizens.

Above all, young learners here grow and discover at the school’s 360,000 square meter campus, which covers five spacious buildings and great sporting facilities, too.

Secondary school students complete the IB Degree Program for a challenging-yet-rewarding experience. 

Girl with backpack and books

3. Berlin International School

Founded in 1998, the Berlin International School embraces multicultural diversity and features the IB Diploma Program for grades 11 and 12. The school helps students achieve their academic and personal potential with its quality education and variety of extracurricular activities.

So young learners will gain confidence in their skills and be capable of attending any top university after an education at BIS.

4. Svenska Skolan i Berlin

The Svenska Skolan i Berlin is among the best international schools in the area.

With teachers from Sweden, Norway, and Germany, this institution follows a Swedish curriculum. It opened in 1906 and has around 40 total students. 

Desk with books and pencils

5. Berlin Metropolitan School (BMS)

Located in central Berlin, BMS is one of the largest international schools in the city. Students here are encouraged to think critically, consider different perspectives, and grow in their skills and knowledge.

All in all, there are numerous subject options available, and those in secondary school can expect to obtain national and international diplomas.

6. Swiss International School Berlin

The Swiss International School Berlin is certainly an international school worth considering.

For all ages, from preschool to secondary school, subjects are taught in both English and German.

However, students aren’t required to be bilingual before attending. The secondary school program culminates in an exam for the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Young student writing

7. Phorms Berlin Süd

A private school for nursery to secondary school students, Phorms Berlin Süd uses the immersion method to teach children in both English and German. The school has a welcoming environment that encourages play, exploration, and a focus on natural sciences.    

  • Languages: English & German
  • Accepting students from ages 1 to 18.  
  • Max Class Size: 24 students
  • The fees of this international school are based on a family’s gross annual income and range from €106 to €737 per month
  • Location: ​​Harry-S.-Truman-Allee 3, 14167 Berlin, Germany

8. John F. Kennedy School Berlin

With a bicultural, bilingual program, John F. Kennedy School in Berlin is one of the top schools in Berlin.

Overall, this unique international school focuses on developing students’ personalities through sports, music, drama, and art in addition to academic excellence.

So it’s an institution that encourages independent, collaborative, and critical thinking no matter your age or background. 

Person writing in journal

9. École Voltaire

Part of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AFEA) network, École Voltaire provides a high-quality kindergarten and primary school education.

So following the French model, this multilingual institution offers a variety of courses led by excellent teachers. It seeks to integrate students of different backgrounds together without discounting the importance of socialization.  

10. Platanus School Berlin

One of the best international schools for foreigners, Platanus School Berlin is an immersive bilingual educational institution.

Above all, not only do attendees develop their skills (focusing on mathematics and natural sciences) and learn more about themselves, but they explore cultural diversity as well. 

Students in classroom

So which A+ school should your children attend?

Every student is different. That’s why our list of the best Berlin international schools features a distinct selection of opportunities. We hope you find the one that’s best for you! 

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You can check out these must-visit museums in Berlin as well. 

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