You’re ready to move but you’re struggling to choose where you want to settle down. Deciding where to put down roots comes with a host of factors to consider. Neighborhood safety, transit options, rental cost, parking space, and local amenities are just a few of them. It is important to look out for what you yourself consider important. And although it’s almost impossible to find a neighborhood that will check all the boxes, you can definitely find something that will satisfy your highest priorities.

Whether you’re looking for a bachelor pad or a family house, the major U.S. cities have got it all. Since they draw a steady stream of new residents every year, each city has a kaleidoscope of options when it comes to neighborhoods, each of which boasts its own charm. And even if you’re not looking to move but are a savvy traveler who doesn’t want to feel like a tourist, there are neighborhoods for you too. Check out our list of the most welcoming urban enclaves.

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The Best Neighborhoods in NYC

New York High Line Park at night

Moving to New York City? If you’re asking yourself where to live, you have a big decision to make: figuring out which neighborhood you should call home. Before you can pick a neighborhood to live in, you’ll want to pick one of the five boroughs. Each has its own unique personality. From Soho’s glamour to DUMBO’s melange of the old and new, how do you decide which one is your match? You’ll have quite a bit of homework to do, but don’t worry too much because we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite NYC neighborhoods to live in.


L.A. Neighborhoods You Will Love

Los Angeles houses on the beach with palm trees lined in the background

Finding the perfect neighborhood is a delicate balance. It’s like putting a puzzle together but is even more complicated because of the numerous crucial considerations. Nevertheless, looking for a new place to live in L.A. is both exciting and exhausting. There are hundreds of neighborhoods and districts. Some by the sea for those avid surfers, like Marina del Rey, and some in the hills for those who cannot resist a city view, like Beverly Hills.


Top Neighborhoods in Boston

south end walk up houses in Boston

So you took the plunge and made the huge decision to move to Boston. But now comes the tricky part, settling on which of the best neighborhoods in Boston to live in. Is the price or the location important to you? Are you looking for roommates, or do you prefer the solitude of a studio or one-bedroom? Is access to public transportation more important than late-night bars and fancy dining? These are just a few of the many questions you might ask yourself. But don’t get overwhelmed because in Boston there is truly something for everyone.


Best Neighborhoods in D.C.

a picturesque neighborhood and street in downtown washington, dc

Moving to Washington, D.C., can feel mighty intimidating since it is home to some of the most powerful men and women in the country. Despite this, it is still one of the best cities to live because it comes with the reward of being in the center of activity that shapes the nation. Another big reason has to do with its diverse range of culture (See our guide to DC’s best neighborhoods.) There is no lack in variety of entertainment, internationally acclaimed dining, shopping, and even musical hot spots.

Best Neighborhoods in Chicago

city view of chicago

Chicago’s patchwork of neighborhoods each offers their own unique charms and you can be sure to find one that is a perfect fit for you. Its blend of cultures living among one another in the bustling metropolis makes it a magnet that attracts many people. There’s no shortage of amazing, personalized experiences to be had in Chicago. Because of this, it is a challenge to choose where to live. The good news is that the city’s sprawling public transportation system makes it easy to hop from one ‘hood to the next in minutes.

a view from above of Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago

Families in Chicago really do appreciate the city’s vast offerings of family-friendly activities and year-round events to entertain their loved ones. What they appreciate even more are the family-friendly neighborhoods that encompass good public schools, easy access to dining, shopping and entertainment options that don’t require a trek into The Loop. And while every family has distinct desires and requirements, there are some pretty compelling reasons why families gravitate towards these specific neighborhoods.

best neighborhoods in chicago bean downtown

Chicago is one of the best cities in the world. Whether it’s the sports, food, arts, entertainments, the growing tech scene, or the vast financial arena it doesn’t come as a shock that this city is popular amongst urban professionals. Our pick of the best neighborhoods for this group of people are all closest to the city’s central business district within The Loop. Each neighborhood embodies its own specific identity that’s as unique as the people who live within its borders.

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