Getting renter’s insurance is a standard part of living in an apartment. It protects the tenant from any accidental damages that may occur to the property. This helps to ensure that they will never be on the hook for any of the financial costs associated with repairs. Renter’s insurance may include damages caused by pets, but it does nothing to help with the financial costs of when pets get sick or injured. That is where pet insurance comes in handy. With this useful protection, you are partially or fully covered for any kind of healthcare costs that may arise.

However, just getting any kind of pet insurance will not suffice. You will need to do some research to find out which types offer the best form of protection. Luckily, we have gone ahead and done the research in order to provide you with the best pet insurance options available.
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If you have a beloved furry friend as part of your family, then you were going to need an apartment that is pet-friendly. However, just having a pet-friendly apartment is not enough to accommodate your pet into your life. In addition to doing vital things like knowing how to properly puppy-proof your apartment, you should also have the best pet insurance for your animal.


“Healthy Paws” Pet Insurance

This first insurance option has been rated number one by customers for three years in a row. One of the major claims that this pet insurance plan boosts is a two-day processing schedule for 99 percent of their claims. This means that for almost all of their cases, the pet owners will not be kept in limbo as they wait for the results of their stressful and often expensive pet care claim.

white terrier near vet eating into silver bowl

The other thing that they love to advertise is having no cap on what you can claim. As long as what your animal is getting treated for is not a pre-existing condition, then your pet insurance will have it covered. With “Healthy Paws” Pet Insurance, pet owners can end up saving as much as 90 percent on their vet bills.

Their plan will cover most illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, chronic conditions, cancer, diagnostic treatment, x-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, surgery, hospitalization, prescription medications, emergency and specialty care, as well as alternative treatments. Basically, the only thing that is not covered is any pre-existing condition as well as any examination fees and preventative measures such as annual checkups,  spaying and neutering, teeth cleanings, and vaccinations.


“Embrace” Pet Insurance

The thing that many people look for in insurance, whether it is for a pet or an automobile, is some type of reward for not having to use the claims process and costing the insurance company money. While the vast majority of pet insurance companies do not offer any sort of incentive for this, that is not the case with “Embrace” Pet Insurance.

With this pet insurance option, pet owners gain access to the only diminishing deductible in the industry. For every year that the pet owner does not receive a claim’s payment, their annual deductible gets reduced by $50. So the longer that they avoid using it, the better coverage that they get.

A couple of other things that make this one of the best pet insurance options available is that “Embrace” Pet Insurance offers reimbursements for standard preventive care as well as coverage for exam fees. This is something that very few pet insurance companies offer, which can add up to quite a bit of savings over the years.



When it comes to what makes “Trupanion”, the focus goes to its simplified claims process. While they do provide an impressive 90 percent coverage for all sorts of pet treatments, besides pre-existing conditions and preventative care, the claims process is what really sets them apart.

a grey cat getting examined by the vet

Submit an invoice online or through email. The Trupanion team will take over and finish the claim as fast as possible. You even have access to vet direct pay. This allows Trupanion to pay your pet’s medical bills directly to their participating hospitals. This lets you simply pay your share of the bill upon checkout and not have to worry about the rest.


“PetFirst” Healthcare

Pet owners must consider PetFirst Healthcare if they value the freedom to go wherever they want with their pets. This pet insurance company offers coverage for visits to any licensed vet, emergency clinic, or specialist in the entire country. The extensive list of areas it covers includes:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Hospitalizations
  • Surgeries
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Exam fees
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • Medications
  • Alternative therapies
  • Emergency care

Once your pet’s treatments are done, you can pay the full bill at the clinic. Then submit your claim to PetFirst Healthcare along with some vet records and the invoice. The PetFirst Healthcare team will then examine the claim and get it processed in less than two weeks.

Regardless of which pet insurance option you go with, you can take comfort in knowing that Blueground has plenty of pet-friendly apartments available to be rented. They have a massive online selection of fully furnished and beautiful properties. This real estate tech company can provide you with your ideal temporary apartment. Make sure that you have one of the dogs breeds best suited for the apartment lifestyle, and then sit back as you and your beloved animal enjoy life in a pet-friendly furnished home.

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