Los Angeles is a city with no shortage of experiences. Visitors and residents alike love the nightlife, the art, the culture, the food, and—yes—the biking. There are plenty of opportunities to get outside in this beautiful city. When you get bored of L.A.’s hikes and scenic drives, the city’s many bike paths are waiting to wow you. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.While the L.A. streetscape isn’t the first thing lots of people think of when they imagine laid-back fun, the city has become a destination for cyclists in recent years. Today, there are dozens of areas to explore in and around the city, and people who are looking for something new to do here will love the ample biking opportunities.


The best bike paths in L.A.

Get some fresh air by riding along one of these scenic biking trails:

The Marvin Braude Trail

A 22-mile biking trail that heads up and down LA’s western coastline, this is one that you truly don’t want to miss. It starts at scenic Will Rogers State Beach and heads up past some seriously beautiful real estate in Santa Monica.

a paved bicycle path that runs along the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Los Angeles

From there, it runs through Venice and Manhattan Beach and winds all the way down the coast of Torrance County Beach. Ideal for natives and visitors alike, this beautiful trail is a great place to relax and unwind.

One thing to note is that the trail is also shared with pedestrians. Wind it up by navigating around Marina Del Rey—this is a biking trail that’s worth exploring, taking people to visit, and adding to your heavy rotation list.

Ballona Creek Biking Trail

A 7-mile trail that starts just blocks from the Culver City Expo Line, the Ballona Creek Biking Trail is a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. Riders can enjoy a leisurely ride along the entire route or they can join in on the trail at one of the dozens of gated entrances that dot it and make up the trail itself.

This trail can get flooded quite quickly in the winter and the gates are typically locked during heavy rains. Outside of that, this is a trail that deserves to be one you refer back to often.

The L.A. River Biking Trail

One of the best bike paths in L.A., the River Path is actually a series of disconnected paved trails that make their way together to create 51 miles of pathway along the LA River. These trails wind through Canoga Park, the Port of LA, and the Glendale Narrows. Biking in the latter is arguably the best.

section of the Los Angeles River bike path

Frogtown is a bike-centric place. There are plenty of cafes and other places to stop off and enjoy a bite to eat. Beautiful and accessible, this gorgeous trail is a great way to experience a different side of Los Angeles.

The Chandler Bikeway

The Chandler Bikeway is a unique L.A. fixture. At the site of the city’s original railway tracks, the Chandler Bikeway spans a few miles of Chandler Boulevard out in Burbank. It stretches from Mariposa Street to the North Hollywood Metro stop. As you ride along, check out the nearby street art, mountains, and beautiful green scenery everywhere you look.

This is also a great place to walk, run, take the dog, or enjoy walking meditation. People who live in L.A. like to take out-of-town visitors to this trail to view the Verdugo Mountains.


Biking to and from your Blueground apartment

If you like to bike in Los Angeles, look into Blueground’s selection of apartments. Each Blueground unit is fully furnished and ready for mid to long-term rentals. Although each is thoroughly equipped and professionally decorated, the biggest draw is that each is close to major employers, universities, and hospitals, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone who wants a bikeable location.

If biking isn’t your thing, these apartments are also close to cool scooter rental services (e.g. Bird, Uber Jump, and Lime). No matter how you choose to get to where you’re going, Blueground’s apartments make it easy to do just that.

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