Many large metropolitan cities are facing problems like congestion, pollution, and ridiculous traffic. It is true that the use of cars is most likely never going to be completely abolished, but we have already seen a serious reduction, thanks to the introduction of electric scooters.

Their presence came about quickly when several companies decided to launch them all at once in different major U.S. cities.

Although the reaction at first was negative due to the clutter, safety hazards, and lost parking spots, people have since embraced the perks of these micro-mobility services.

Electric scooters are extremely convenient, reinvigorate mass transit, reduce our carbon footprint, as well as save us time and money. One company that has especially attracted a wave of attention is Bird. It kicked off the new transit trend in 2017 and since then, many people have valued this new way of moving around.

Not only is this an extremely quick and practical way of getting you from point A to point B, but also it has a fun factor that makes grown-ups feel like kids again. We’ve gathered all the information you need to know about this recent craze.

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Rather than worrying about your long commute in the car, hop on a scooter and avoid the traffic altogether.


Bird Scooters in L.A

bird scooter in los angeles lime and bird scooters lined up on a sidewalk under a tree

Los Angeles is flooded with new options for getting around, and Bird scooters are one of the more popular options. They’re easy to find and use and you can ride them literally anywhere.

In your neighborhood, on the beach, and even in the heart of the city. You don’t have to worry about parking or traffic (which are very common concerns when riding your own private vehicle).

Become a part of this new trend!


Bird Scooters in San Francisco

a close up shot of some bird scooters parked on the sidewalk

Seeing as San Francisco is a major tech hub, it only makes sense that progressive companies like Bird would establish themselves there. This excellent transport alternative has proved to be a solution for many people who struggled with getting to places on time or didn’t want to spend all their money on commuting.

Discover more about why this micro-mobility option is the way to go.


Bird Scooters in Boston

bird scooter in Boston man with foot on electric scooter and one hand grabbing the handle bar
You may wonder how a company like Bird survives in a city like Boston, which is below negatives temperatures for much of the year. The truth is that Bostonians look forward to being outdoors in the summer months, which is why Bird is such a success there.

Spring and summer are times when you’ll see people zooming around on their scooters soaking up the rays.


Bird Scooters in D.C.

a person wearing black shoes and blue jeans is stepping on to his black bird scooter

It’s safe to say that a great number of people who live in D.C. are hard workers that need to be in the office on time every day.

However, with the typical daily traffic, it can take a while to get to where you need to be. That’s why Bird is an efficient alternative in more ways than one.

If you’re concerned about its safety, worry not because we’ve listed everything you need to know about riding these stylish scooters.

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