What if you could live anywhere for a year? Imagine spending April in Paris then summer in Seattle before jetting off to Dubai in the fall. The new Blueground Pass makes it easier than ever for our guests to move across apartments in our network of more than 7,000 comfortable furnished homes in around the world — all at the best available rate. Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.Our stylish, move-in ready homes are individually laid out by an interior designer and include thoughtful extras like kitchen supplies and our exclusive Welcome Kit. You’ll also have a comfortable place to work, which is critical to long-term productivity.

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How the Blueground Pass Works

You can choose either an annual or six-month Blueground Pass, depending on your unique needs. Flexibility is the name of the game: passholders can move between as few as two apartments, or up to 12. There’s also an option to “freeze” your accommodations for two months on a six-month BG Pass and up to four months if you’ve purchased a yearly BG Pass.

Another great benefit of the Blueground Pass is that you’ll get a hefty discount when you use it. We’re rewarding guests with a credit of up to $1,000 when they book their second apartment using their Blueground Pass.

All passholders are entitled to the best available rate for each apartment, in addition to the discount on their second booking. Blueground Passholders also get priority access to our freshest listings, courtesy of their own dedicated sales advisor.

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The rental rate covers everything from furniture and cleaning supplies to towels and linens. Additional fees include utilities, tenant legal liability, cleaning, and a security deposit that’s refunded at the end of the guests’ full stay with the Pass.

BG Passholders only need to give 30 days’ notice before each move so that our team can help them source and book their next home in our extensive network.

For many digital nomads, where they live isn’t as important as how. If you can “work from anywhere,” all you really need is a place to sleep and fast Wi-Fi. Of course, Blueground offers more than just the basics to our guests.

Are you still renting the old-fashioned way? Find out why so many people are ditching year-long leases and embracing flexible living.

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