Owning a car of your own comes with many perks. For instance, personal freedom and convenience. Also it facilitates productivity and it allows for you to just get up and go, whenever and wherever. Unfortunately, all these benefits come with big expenses which are not always worth it, especially in major cities. Not long ago, the only alternative to owning a car was using public transport. While this is indeed a practical alternative, public transport can be slow and indirect. In addition, taxis are not cheap, and lifts from friends with cars can only get you so far. Luckily, carsharing companies have provided us with yet another option, enabled by shifts in technology and attitudes.

Carsharing is a model of car rental that allows people to rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. It differs from traditional car rentals, in that the owners of the cars are often private individuals themselves. However, the carsharing facilitator is usually distinct from the car owner. It enables an occasional use of one vehicle or access to a variety of vehicles. The network of cars is available to users through a variety of means, from using an app to unlock the car in real-time, to meeting with the owner of the car in order to exchange keys.

While this new way of commuting comes with many personal benefits, it’s also great for society. It reduces traffic and congestion as well as road wear, air pollution, and parking issues. It also encourages the development of other transport and mobility infrastructures such as bigger sidewalks, more cycling paths, and micro-transport options. So if all of these advantages have convinced you, check out the carshare options in some major U.S. cities.

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If you ultimately decide to make the switch and commit to using carshares, then it’ll be useful to live near a carshare station. Blueground rents out beautiful fully-furnished apartments for a minimum of 30 days. Each apartment is ideally located in the best neighborhoods where you are guaranteed to find your carshare right around the corner. Similar to carsharing, Blueground’s turnkey apartments reduce your upfront investment, and offer the flexibility of not being held down to a year-long lease. Therefore, your accommodation and means of transportation in your city is already taken care of!


Carshares in NYC

birds eye view of the empire state building and the rest of new york city while the sun is setting

Most New Yorkers who own a car have a love/hate relationship with them. Although having a car can be great for things like moving between apartments and going out of the city during the weekends, it’s impossible to find inexpensive parking and insurance costs an arm and a leg. This is why carsharing is so useful to New York City residents. Zipcar was the first company to enter the market and has been followed by others like Maven and Car2Go.


Carshares in L.A.

cars driving on the highway with a backdrop of downtown los angeles

Los Angeles is so spread out that getting around without a car is a real struggle. Of course, you can opt for public transport, but when you’re trying to get somewhere far away, it’s more comfortable to move in your own air-conditioned space. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning a car, don’t worry! L.A. is filled with carshare options. BlueLA is one that’s specific to the city but otherwise, you have more well-known companies like Zipcar and Maven.


Carshares in San Francisco

cars parked on the streets of a San Francisco neighborhood with views of the financial district

Owning a car in San Francisco is almost ridiculous. With so many residents and public transport options and so few parking spots, it’s a waste of time and money to have your own set of wheels. But if you ever find yourself longing for the freedom and convenience of driving a car, carsharing companies are the best way to go. They offer all sizes and types of vehicles throughout the Bay Area for you to reserve and use whenever you please.


Carshares in Boston

boston city skyline at night with all the buildings lit up and a body of water in the right half of the image

Boston is known for its legendary traffic. This is especially the case when navigating through Kenmore Square during a Boston Red Sox home game or when traveling through Cambridge as the colleges let out. Several companies are seeking to alleviate the gridlock with carsharing programs, which in many cases, can even be cheaper than taxis. Getaround and Turo are just two of the companies that we recommend using when here.

Carshares in Chicago

crowded freeway and views of downtown at dusk with a full moon in the sky

With a diverse selection of restaurants, entertainment hotspots, and thriving neighborhoods, life in Chicago is vibrant and fast-paced. Alternatively, the suburbs offer a tranquil lifestyle with spacious homes and private backyards. Fortunately, there’s a way for people to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can commute between the city and suburbs with public transport or with carsharing programs, which are lifesavers during the brutal winters.

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