As a major metropolitan area, you might not think that you could find so many amazing spaces where you can have fun with your canine companion in Chicago. Luckily, residents of the Windy City love their pooches, and the city has been obliging in providing some great dog parks in Chicago.

However, every dog in Chicago requires a permit and a DFA tag to enter such a park. The fee for the permit and tag is $5 and they are only valid for a season, which is defined as being from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. You can get a permit and a tag from a participating vet.

Before worrying about the tag, though, you’ll need to find a pet-friendly place to live. While it’s not as difficult in Chicago as in other cities like New York or San Francisco, it can still be a bit of a challenge.Blueground offers fully-furnished, equipped and serviced apartments in some of the world's most sought after cities.One way to make life easier is to use the services of a company like Blueground. They offer quite a few pet-friendly apartments available for rent in some of the best areas of Chicago. All the apartments are tastefully decorated, as well as being fully furnished and equipped. You can quickly find the pet-friendly apartments on their website by using the ‘Pets Allowed’ filter.

Now that you have an idea of how to quickly find a pet-friendly apartment, let’s take a look at some of the great dog parks in Chicago.


Pottawattomie Dog Park

Nearest intersection: N Clark St & N Rogers Ave in Rogers Park

One of the smaller dog parks in Chicago, Pottawattomie Dog Park is still very popular with the locals. The ground cover is a mix of asphalt and pea gravel, giving your pooch options.

It also features a drinking fountain for your pooch, a specific area for smaller dogs, along with two entrances. Lots of trees provide shade, and the benches are a great place for you to relax while Fido has fun playing with his friends.


Norwood Park Dog Park

Nearest intersection: N Avondale Ave & W Thorndale Ave in Old Norwood Park

Though relatively small, there’s a dog-friendly area in Norwood Park that’s still big enough for a large dog to have plenty of space to let go. This is also one of the more beautiful dog parks in Chicago, which you will certainly appreciate.

Your pooch will undoubtedly love all the doggie toys, as well as the kiddie pools that are available during summer in which he can splash around to his heart’s content. Plenty of benches and trees provide you with shade and a spot to rest while your doggo is getting his exercise.


Lakeshore East Dog Park

Nearest intersection: East South Water Street & N Park Dr in Lakeshore East

Lakeshore East Dog Park is another one of the great dog parks in Chicago where your dog will be extremely happy. Mainly covered with green turf that’s gentle on sensitive paws but makes for easy cleanup, it’s not surprising that this park is so popular.

three dogs with playing in a doggie pool in a park

It also has a drinking fountain for your pooch, along with several water features for Rover to enjoy in summer. Various paths and berms in the park ensure that your canine companion will certainly never get bored. Plus, the double-gated entrances ensure safety at all times. Benches in shaded areas are available so you can relax and watch your furry friend have an amazing time.


Portage Dog Park

Nearest intersection: N Central Ave & W Berteau Ave in Portage Park

Portage Dog Park on one of the most popular dog parks in Chicago, but also one of the large. Interestingly enough, it was once a ballfield but was converted in 2011. Nowadays, the park is dedicated to pooches and their owners. It features two separate areas, one for smaller dogs and one for dogs over 35 pounds. The park is open from dawn until dusk.

During summer, the Portage Park Dog Park Committee provides water features for pooches to cool off and have even more fun. Dog drinking fountains and benches are available all year.


Montrose Dog Beach

Nearest intersection: W Lawrence Ave & N Simonds Dr in Uptown

Golden Retriever running on the beach

During the summer, Montrose Dog Beach is packed with canines and their owners. This almost four-acre stretch of beach is specifically designated for dogs. So, your pooch can run around on the sand or splash in the water off his leash. Poop bags are available to help keep the area clean. There’s also a self-service washing stating where you can clean your pup of all the sand he’s managed to pick up.


Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

Nearest intersection: N Lake Shore Dr & W Hawthorne Pl in Lake View

Montrose Dog Beach is wonderful, but not all dogs love crowds, which is where Belmont Harbor Dog Beach comes in. It’s one of the smaller dog parks in Chicago, but it’s fenced-off and a spot where shy dogs can still enjoy the beach.

This spot has a double-gated entrance, but there aren’t any water fountains, so make sure to bring water for your pooch.


Skinner Bark Park

Nearest intersection: W Adams St & S Laflin St in Near West Side

One of the really popular dog parks in Chicago, Skinner Bark Park offers pea gravel, concrete, and turf, making it ideal for even the pickiest pooch. A community group maintains the park, but they also hold social events once or twice a month for pooches and their owners. So, if you’ve just moved to Chicago, this is definitely a great place to get to know other pet-owners.


Fred Anderson Dog Park

Nearest intersection: E 18th St & S Wabash Ave in Prairie District

One of the newer dog parks in Chicago, the Fred Anderson Dog Park is one place where your pooch will not get bored. Featuring slanted blocks and various structures for your doggie to climb on, drinking fountains, plenty of seating, and double-gated entrances, it’s heaven for pooches and owners alike. It’s covered in turf and concrete, which means you won’t have to worry about cleaning your canine companion after his fun.


Jackson Bark

Nearest intersection: S L Shore Dr & E 57th Dr in Jackson Park

One of the most well-equipped dog parks in Chicago, Jackson Bark is highly popular, especially for energetic dogs. It has various structures and agility course obstacles, such as tire hills, hoops, teeter-totters, tunnels, A-frame ramps, and much more. During summer, doggies can enjoy water features.

a dog standing on top of an agility-course ramp

There’s also a free parking lot and three double-gated entries, which will make the trip hassle-free. It’s definitely a park that your pooch will love and will want to return to on a regular basis.

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