I have a five-year-old and a one-year-old. Going anywhere can be a headache, especially if my bag of diapers, snacks, and toys is missing any one item.  

So, when we decided to go to Denver, we wanted to make it as hassle-free as possible. 

Staying in a fully furnished Blueground apartment did just that—made life easy. 

Toddler in Blueground apartment

When we arrived, Blueground’s welcome kit was waiting for us on the kitchen table. Inside, there was coffee, tea, snacks, drinks, and home essentials like detergent, sponges, and trash bags.

You know, those not-so-fun items that people often forget about when moving into a new home. 

The apartment itself was light and inviting. Better still, the open concept gave my kids room to play. And the desk served as an ideal workspace for my little artists. 

Blueground desk with drawings

My wife and I enjoyed sipping coffee or tea on our second-floor apartment’s balcony and looking out at the city. Our kids, on the other hand, liked it because they could yell “hello” to any person (and their dog) passing by. 

But the apartment building’s pool might have been the highlight of the trip for my girls. We splashed in it every day at some point. Every. Day. 

Of course, we also ventured out from the apartment. The following are just a few of the restaurants, playgrounds, and destinations that I’d recommend if you’re a parent staying in Denver. 

Where to Eat

Our Blueground apartment was in the RiNo area, one of the seven best neighborhoods in Denver. From there, we could walk to a bunch of terrific restaurants. 

However, eating with two little girls means it has to be family-friendly.

Translation? No long waits, little chance of bothering others, and chairs with backs. Sorry, stools and benches. 

These were our four favorite spots: 

  • Sushi-rama: This brightly colored space has a conveyor belt moving pieces of sushi throughout the restaurant. Your kids will be mesmerized. Your taste buds will love it, too. 
  • Snooze: I was surprised to find a spot with an activity page and crayons in such a cool area. And the food—breakfast or brunch—can’t be beat. 
  • Denver Central Market: From healthy bowls to decadent baked goods, the 11 vendors at Denver Central Market give you plenty of choices. So you can enjoy something that you actually like and not have to share with your children. 
  • Sherry’s Soda Shoppe: Ice cream for kids and boozy treats for grown-ups—all in a retro setting. Enough said. 

Where to Play

City Park in Denver

City Park

Say hello to Denver’s premier park. This massive green space has more to explore than you’ll get to in one visit. So come back a few times!  

There are several fantastic playgrounds plus hourly surrey bike and swan paddle boat rentals for a kid-sized adventure. 

On warm summer days, spread out a blanket beneath any of the thousands of shade trees. Play, picnic, or nap! Your choice. 

Paco Sanchez Park

Paco Sanchez Park

If your kids are climbers, Paco Sanchez Park is heaven on earth. 

This modern space features a multi-story playground, numerous slides, rope ladders, and places where kids—young and old—will have a blast.

Where to Learn 

Girl at children's museum

Children’s Museum of Denver

You may need an entire day to experience everything at the Children’s Museum of Denver

Inside? Numerous exhibits help young learners expand their understanding of the world. With a three-story tower, community-inspired areas ripe for imagining, and hands-on science experiments. 

Outside? Discover places for your children to splash, climb, and zip line. Adventure Forest is a wonder to see and even more fun for children to explore. 

We visited on a Sunday morning so we could also hop on the Denver Trolley, which stops at the Children’s Museum between 10 am to 1:30 pm on weekends during the summer. 

It’s a cute way to experience the South Platte Greenway and Downtown Denver in under 30 minutes. 

Denver Nature and Science Museum

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Located in City Park, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is another fantastic museum to visit with kiddos. 

We saw mummies and dinosaur fossils, learned about space and health, and tested our skills in mind-bending mazes. 

When my kids hit the point of information overload, we headed for the Discovery Zone. This indoor play space encourages young children to create, build, and dig for dino fossils. 

Pro tip: If you plan on going to numerous museums in a short time, get the City Pass to save on admission. 

Colorado flags in Denver

History Colorado Center

The history of Colorado and the American West come to life at this educational spot. 

Honestly, my five-year-old would’ve stayed at the Keota, Colorado exhibit forever if we’d let her. She loved collecting wooden chicken eggs and turning them in to the old-timey general store.

Kids can also milk a fake cow, pretend to drive an old car, and go down a twisting slide.

After checking out the other exhibits, don’t forget to spend some time in the Makerspace. There, your littles can play with Legos or create a bracelet to take home. 

White butterfly on branch

Butterfly Pavilion

Kids love bugs. It’s a fact. With that in mind, we visited the Butterfly Pavilion

My girls loved walking among thousands of free-flying butterflies (and hoping they would all land on us).

You’ll discover lots of unique insects and underwater creatures here. And, if your kids are brave, they can even hold a tarantula!

Bonus: There’s a surprisingly good play area inside, where your littles can burn off any remaining energy.

Mom and daughter at Hammond's Candy

Hammond’s Candy Factory

Free candy factory tour? Yes, please! 

This half-hour, behind-the-scenes peek has definite Willy Wonka vibes. 

After a short video about Hammond’s history, you’ll get to see candy actually being made. Right in front of your eyes!

Then, a tour guide shares what happens in each of the factory rooms, leaves room for questions, and hands you a free candy cane as you exit into the candy shop to further satisfy your sweet tooth. Yum! 

Where to Day Trip 

Man and toddler hiking in Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park

A can’t-miss for anyone visiting Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park is only 90 minutes from the Mile High City.

Need a ride to get there? Blueground partners with over 50 brands for exclusive savings, including car rental services. And many Blueground apartments have parking garages, too. 

Two items are required for entry into the park: a timed entry pass (available at the first of the month or at 5 pm the day before for $2) and a vehicle day pass for $30 (available here online or at the park). 

Heads up though. Timed entry passes are gone only a couple minutes after 5 pm the night before. 

Seriously. They can sell out by 5:01 pm. You pretty much have to buy one as soon as they become available. 

That should give you a sense of just how popular this park is. 

If you don’t want to wait forever in line to enter, I’d suggest either getting there a bit before 8 am or arriving after lunchtime. 

There are several kid-friendly (and stroller-friendly) hikes at RMNP.

Our favorites were: Bear Lake Loop, Sprague Lake Loop, and the Tundra Communities Trail. All of these are short and fairly flat, with paved or even surfaces. 

Be sure to also check out Moraine Park Discovery Center. In addition to a quick nature trail and interesting exhibits about the park, this center has a less-crowded souvenir shop. 

One final tip for those with napping-age kiddos: Drive the 48-mile Trail Ridge Road through the park while your youngsters sleep. This scenic ride winds its way through the entire park, with jaw-dropping views. 

Golden Colorado sign


There are tons of great cities around Denver to explore, but Golden was our top pick. 

It’s a charming town at the foothills of the Rockies that features a walkable downtown with quaint shops and restaurants.

We worked up our hunger and thirst hiking along the pristine waters of Clear Creek Trail. Then we headed to Golden Mill, a food hall that’s perfect for kids and grown-ups. 

After all, there’s mac and cheese, ice cream, and…over 40 beers, wines, and cocktails on tap. Pour your own drinks and pay by the ounce, so you can try as many as you’d like. Cheers! 

Red Rocks amphitheater

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

You’ve probably heard of Red Rocks. While children’s bedtimes may mean you can’t see a concert or movie here, you can still experience this outdoor space. 

Hiking all the stairs to the top will wear your kids (and you) out. Trust us, it’s a long way up. But definitely worth the effort. 

Bring a picnic lunch, like we did, and enjoy it at the top. Or simply soak up the amphitheater’s breathtaking view, with Denver’s skyscrapers in the distance. 

Really into music? Learn about the history of this one-of-a-kind spot and past performances at the visitor center while you’re there.  

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